Architectural Feel of The Seiko Arctura Watches

SEIKO signifies a combination of classical inspirations and refined technologies. Its expressions are subtle, yet modern, sometimes with breathtaking depth of dimensions and fine, delicate artistry. Their sculpted detailings reflect back on the features carrying a modern flair, so if anything that you may consider to be reverential, restrained, bold or catchy, Seiko will surely be at the top end of your list.

The strong, solid build of Seiko returns double-reinforced in the Arctura. Its architectural feelings speak volumes on it. The Arctura offers both strength and desirability through its build quality, but with a difference. Arctura is not what you may expect usually; exceeding your expectations, it is far ahead of the lot stuck-up with some marvel they created years back. There’s no stopping to technology and all that depends on it; Arctura is one of Seiko’s examples of their constant efforts to excel in matters related to Space and Time. The artistically inclined would have liked otherwise – okay, let’s call it a lesson in teaching modernity to come alive through a certain style and function. For the fashionista – Wear it as a masterpiece showcasing understated elegance and worldly intelligence within a sleek exterior!v Jokes apart, the Arctura indeed portrays calmness. Its refined looks enhance its wearability. Its elegance is restrained, but not minimalised, so it goes for work as much as for the times when you want to stick your feathers up.

The wisest thing is perhaps its perpetual calendar programmed till 2100 AD, Feb 28th. It will adjust to days and dates accurately - even on leap years - till then. The Kinetic Auto Relay technology makes the Arctura a gracious piece of accessory.

It came around In 1997 and was immediately known for its cutting-edge design leading to complements from the world ove. The Kinetic movement was the world's first automatic power-generating quartz watch and embodied a bold, unique message that conveyed the wearer’s risk-taking side. It was one of a kind of a watch back then, so Seiko velatura watches can be called a piece of history from macrocosmic horology.

Arctura’s very clear lines intensifies its perfect rotundity and the build quality speaks of its immense strength. The curved/domed sapphire grants it the signature design and further enhances the rigid, solid build and its aerodynamic shape, which is inspired by nature’s natural curves. The ARC is where the Arctura puts its focus and this is one of Arctura’s strengths! The sapphire glass atop the curved deep-set, two-layered and textured dials convey an architectural feel that matches the curvature of the sky as it drops to the horizon.

Arctura is for anyone who appreciates excellence coming with no demands. There are 4 models of the Arctura Kinetic to choose from, in solid stainless steel and with the 5M Kinetic calibre ticking inside.