Dutch Settlement in the New World

Modern Dutch Settlers

The first Dutch settlers in the New World

-The first Dutch settlers did NOT want to come here. They had no choice because their ship caught on fire on the way to America and they had to get off somewhere

-The Dutch bartered knifes and beads to get furs from Native settlers to stay warm

-In the spring, the Dutch did some explorations on the coast of Long Island (NY) and were sighted by another Dutch ship and got picked up

-After the Dutch got back to their homeland, they decided that they actually liked America. A group of merchants got a charter from the Staten General (equivalent to the US Congress) for exclusive trade on the US east coast. They would call the place "New Netherland".

-They decided on an island just south of present day Albany (NY) to trade.

-The Dutch did not like to colonize places. They would find a new place and make their mark and just trade with locals there.

-They marked their territory and called it Fort Nassau in 1608, just 6 years before the pilgrims came and settled the US.


To sum it all up..... The Dutch had to jump off their ship because it caught on fire. They landed in America and stayed for a few months until another Dutch ship came and picked them up. When they got back, they realized that they loved America and wanted to come back. Merchants came back but they couldn't decide what they wanted to do and never really colonized America. They waited too long, and the land was taken from them by the Pilgrims 6 years later.  

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