Lunch Counter Sit ins

About four black students who stood up by sitting down

Who started the first sit in?

There were four black college students, Joseph McNeil, David Richmond, Franklin McCain, and Ezell Blair Jr. also known as the Greensboro four.

When did the first sit in take place?

It happened at Woolworth's store Greensboro, North Carolina

When was the first sit in and what happend?

It was February 1st 1960, the Greensboro four went to get something at a "white only" lunch counter. The waitress ignored them and they owner asked them to leave but they politely refused, so the owner called the police and he had no idea what to do. The policeman left and the owner closed the store for the night. The four kept going back to the store everyday after school and still did not get served. Soon others started joining and by February 5th it had spread to 13 states and 55 cities. It wasn't long before the hatred started and the whites threw peppers in their eyes and ketchup down their backs.

Why would they keep sitting at the lunch counter if they knew they were going to be arrested?

So black people could go to the same restaurants as white people without being segregated


"Be loving enough to absorb evil"-Dr.King

I think it means if people are mean to you, love the enough to forgive them.


The sit ins had spread

If the sit ins had not spread  restaurants would probably still be segregated.


Segregation is fair

Some white people thought segregation was fair because there were signs withs "white only" and "colored people only"

What  is so important about this event?

Black students were treated unfair and they didn't like it so the Greensboro four started the sit in.



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