Is herobrine real or fake?
about me

My name is Danielle Harker. I am 12 years old. I don't believe in herobrine. But we are going to see if he is real  or not. Feel free leave a comment if you have any questions.

Who is herobrine?

In case you don't know herobrine is a monster who mess's up your game. Some people believe in him some do not. We are going to find if he is real or not

This is herobrine

How is herobrine real?

Some people say herobrine is real. Now there are some weird stuff going on in people's worlds like stuff being broken, the signs, etc. it is some scary stuff.

How is herobrine fake

Some people say herobrine is fake like me. Now here is some proof.

As you see this is herobrine but this could be a player with his nametag turned off
This is not herobrine because if you see the picture there is a nametag. So this obliviously isn't herobrine.

People are saying herobrine isn't real because it could be a person pretending being herobrine, people could be putting signs with redstone torches, the pictures could be fake, etc.

Here is the answer

The answer is HEROBRINE IS FAKE!!!! Because the pictures are fake, people pretend to be herobrine even in YouTube videos. Notch even said/confirmed herobrine is fake. So I hope you enjoyed this website and again feel free to ask anything if you have any questions.

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