New Royal Pin Transportation!

Get Royal Pin to send a bus to your school today!

Royal Pin Bowling Is Now Offering A New Transportation Option For Their After-School Program!

Royal Pin Bowling is now letting buses come and pick kids up for their after-school program from 2:00pm-5:00pm! Kids do not have to sign up for anything! All you do is bring in money, let your parents know, and get on the bus! The only downside to this great new deal is that your parents will have to pick you up afterwards, because the bus can not drop them off at each individual house.

The reason for this program is because Royal Pin has noticed that most kids parents are busy at work or just do not have the time to take them. So this is the solution! This way parents do not have to make a long two-way trip there, and they can do what they need to do while their kids are away! So please get on the bus and come bowl at Royal Pin today!

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