Mount St. Helen's

By: Kurtis Robinson

Mount St. Helen is located in the Cascade Range and is the part of the Cascade Volcanic Arc. This Volcanic Arc is a segment of the Pacific Ring of Fire that includes over 160 active volcanoes. Well known for its ash explosions and pyroclastic flows, along with the volcano there is a National Volcanic Monument created to preserve the volcano and allows for the aftermath of its explosions to be studied scientifically. This volcano is a large eruptive cone consisting of lava rock inter-layered with ash, pumice, and other deposits. It includes layers of basalt and andesite through which several domes of dacite lava have erupted. This volcano is considered to be the most active in the Cascades within the last 10,000 years or so.

Fun Facts

  • Type: Active Stratovolcano
  • Age of Rock: <40,000 years
  • First Eruption: May 18, 1980

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