Google Glass used by Dr. J S Rajkumar at Lifeline Hospital in a surgery

Dissemination of knowledge, easy connectivity and homogenous learning and improving doctors’ concentration by allowing them to view a reference image during operation very conveniently ; these are a few benefits that a Google Glass offers when used in a surgery, just like it was used by Dr. J S Rajkumar, Chairman, Lifeline Hospitals. He always likes to stay acquainted with the latest developments in technology. His inclination towards technology has found its way to be used in his hospital as well. The world is dominated by technology. Technology has offered a myriad of benefits in various sectors but there is one sector that has received a great fillip through the use of technology-The healthcare sector. Technology has revolutionized the healthcare domain. The treatments that seemed impossible a few decades ago have now become a reality, all thanks to the developments in technology. Millions of lives are saved every month across the world, thousands of students are trained every year; all through an extensive use of technology.

And the advent of Google Glass has paved in a way for an entirely new experience. The benefits that a Google Glass offers during a surgery are incredible. It broadcasts the surgery for the people outside the operation theatre. This broadcast can be seen by people in various parts of the world in the real time. This simply means that thousands of students will be able to see the surgery broadcast by the Google Glass and learn intricacies of the surgery. This connectivity is certainly avant-garde and is highly beneficial.