Close Friends

Okay guys I'v seen a lot of people doing this so I thought well why don't I do one.


Mad Dog ever sense you moved into the house next door 5 whole years ago. Holy Shit that time flew. I cant imagine a world with out Madelyn


Ana Banana the saxophone magician. You are the short best friend I always needed. I might only have band with you but Hey our bike rides top at 11 miles an hour


Emmaline your amazing your interesting crazy and funny all at once. Trying to imagine math class without you wouldn't be the same.


Lauren we dont talk much but you make gym class and L.A so much more interesting. Those gym class football fights. Also those photoshops.


Willow we used to not be very good friends at all but know we share a lot of things in common. Your dating one of my closest friends from sense I can remember. I'm so glad you 2 have each other you guys are a supper cute couple.


Ahhh this one of gosh this one is a weird one. Heff'n'Heffer the contagious ginger. Your like my brother, we fight a lot but not like you might think. We talk about the most interesting things "Human cubes" what interesting talks. My whole school day would be weird with out every class with you.


Alexis I dont really talk to you but when we do its always interesting. Your really talented at singing, dancing, acting, and writing. I couldn't imagine L.A without you

Okay guys hope you guys all go follow these people