Designing Wedding Chocolate Packaging Box Strategy

With the constant development of China's economy, people's material needs are also constantly improving. Chocolate, as a wedding gift, makes chocolate packaging box gradually evolve to a bright spot to express the characters of the bride and bridegroom. When design chocolate packaging box, such principle should be taken into consideration.

1. Highlight the characteristics of chocolate
Some businesses offer some personalized wedding chocolate packaging boxes which are popular with people. For example, they use the Zodiac as the element to design chocolate gift packaging box, and then the couples can match themselves according to their zodiac sign which is both interesting and fully reflects the couple's personality. Now DIY chocolate packaging boxes are also favored by young people. When we buy some beautiful gift boxes or gift bags to package these brand-name candy or chocolate, it is not only economical and we can fully experience the fun of acting.
2. Accurately position the chocolate grade
We all know that different consumers have different purchasing powers, it determines that they will choose different grades of products in a way. The packaging of commodities requires that we take the commodity's price into consideration when design the grade of commodity. Different pictures, logos, text and color can be used in the design to coordinate the materials and printing means to distinguish the grades of commodity. From wide view of changes of wedding consumption, along with social and economic development, the shortage economy is drifting away from us, and the consumerism and the quality of wedding have got much attention.
3. Make use of green packaging design
Green packaging design, which is based on the core concept of protecting environmental resources, is an integrated design system of packaging quality, functionality, life, environment, It allows resources and energy to get their maximum use, and reduces the environmental impact of packaging to a minimum or even completely non-polluting. Nowadays, although the society is advocating recycling, some wedding chocolate packaging boxes have been showing a phenomenon of excessively packaging. Even the very fine candy, people will discard its packaging as soon as they open it. It not only results in a waste of resources, but also causes an increase in municipal waste. Developing the recycled cardboard gift box will be the development trend of chocolate packaging box in the future.
4. Link product design with consumption
Design is not just a part of the production process, but also an important part of consumption. When consumers buy products, they also pay for the cost of product paper foldable box, and final consume the product packaging. In addition to consumption of the products, consumers also consume their packaging design, exhibition design, advertising design, and these costs of design are included in the final price of the commodity. Therefore, putting the packaging design to the aspect of marketing to discuss has a very important strategic significance.
In conclusion, as chocolate packaging is a dispensable part of wedding, it contains a huge opportunity of profits. Take the concept of green packaging as the theoretical guidance, create professional brand and personalized packaging, and then enrich the contents of the package, accurately position its quality, finally the market will be more prosperous and colorful.