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Rockets, the King, Knights, Magic, Bucks and the Warriors, these six teams which have visited China previously owned not also a top point guard strictly speaking. Jamil Nelson was selected on the All-Star lineup, but after all, individuals a certain gap match up against the most outstanding point guards previously league. This time, Chauncey Billups stick to the Nuggets to visit Beijing, thus Chinese fans will find a way to witness how dose a top point guard control in overall situation in NBA games the very first time.

Heat @ Clippers: Brand and Wade end up being leaders for their teams, however the deciding factor is the supporting toss. Walker and Haslem have been far too inconsistent without Shaq, and wish for to combine to outwork Chris Kaman. Posey will size up well with Cuttino Mobley, while Maggette and Wade will balance each other out.