Josephinum News Letter

By:Ashley Broaster

Hi, my name is Ashley Broaster I am currently attending Josephinum Academy. Josephinum was founded in 1860 by a group of sisters from Christian Charity. "Josephinum continues this tradition by committing itself to extending the opportunity for a quality, Catholic, college-preparatory experience to an increasing number of ambitious young women, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic status." 90-100% of Josephinum's students graduate with a diploma on time. Josephinum has a wide variety of students from 37 different zip codes. Tuition at Josephinum is 4,900 for the school year, but they have many financial aids. Josephinum helps out a lot when it comes to your graduating year. Josephinum offers help to attend college especially the counselors. "In 2011 and 2012, Josephinum graduates have been awarded more than $1.6 million in college scholarships each year." ( Josephinum to me is a pretty decent school overall but it's where I found some of my true friends. Josephinum makes you feel like you can tell them anything. They pay attention to everyone and sometimes that's a good thing because they're there for you if you ever need someone to talk to. Josephinum in my opinion helps my family out a lot especially when it comes to my scholarship. If they didn't provide scholarships I probably wouldn't be attending Josephinjm right now because of all the tuition my parents have to pay. Josephinum to me accepts everyone for who they are and is perfect the way it is I hope it never changes. Josephinum isn't a bad school and even if it was it wouldn't be the schools fault it would be the people who make up the school. What I honestly love about the Jo. Is it's variety of students and things offered to the student for example the sports and clubs. What makes Josephinum so unique is because it is a sacred heart school. There are many yet few sacred heart schools. It is also unique because it offers the Madonna Scholarship , this scholarship is only offered to few schools specifically all girls catholic schools. Josephinum's school lunch is very healthy but not very tasty. There isn't really that much variety in the lunch. When we do get a tasty lunch, which isn't that often but it's worth the wait. We all look forward to the tasty Friday salad bar. The school lunch is overly priced in my opinion. The lunch charges for unhealthy snacks way more than they should. We are being served a nasty lunch, so we look forward to buy these snacks even though they charge us higher prices than the store sells them. We are lucky when other students sell snacks durning lunch.


Alexandra is fifteen year old introvert who is caring about others, and is willing to hear the problems of anyone she knows. Loves to sing, play instruments, cares a lot about academics. Puts education before anything and she also loves cats.

Interviewer: Ashley Broaster

Interviewing: Alexandra Pineda

Ashley: Who is your inspiration?

Alexandra: Mariah Carey

Ashley: When did you start singing?

Alexandra: Kindergarten

Ashley:How have you dealt with a difficult situation?

Alexandra: persevere

Ashley: How is your year at Jo.?

Alexandra: Interesting and eventful

Ashley: What do you hope to gain from Josephinum?

Alexandra: Umm, obviously a good education.

Ashley: Who has encouraged you the most in your life?

Alexandra: my mom

Ashley: Has anyone ever told you, you couldn't accomplish your goal? If so what was your response?

Alexandra: Yes, I haven't really responded to them I just ignored it and did what I had to do.

Ashley: If you could make one change in the world what would it be?

Alexandra: If I could make one change?Umm no more starvation.

Ashley: Thank you, that will be all.

Jo. World

Josephinum has a white division in all sports:softball,basketball ,volleyball & soccer. Josephinum's basketball&softball team is one of the best sports teams the Jo. Has. Josephinum's softball teams has had a rough year. They have won only one game but still tried there best to win for the Jo. The cougars have a great attitude towards the schools they've played against. The spirit the softball team has is incredible. The softball team has struggled for many years but this years team have really showed the definition of a true team. The Josephinum cougars basketball team have been so amazing. They had a very short season but never tried any less. They have become more like a family and were always there for each after getting to know one another. They always had each other's back. When two teammates close family died they rushed to be there by their side to let them know they are here for them if they needed it. Unfortunately that caused the jv team a caption, but they won their last game in memory of her. The varsity went to playoffs and lost but they went a long way to win. They were had such an amazing team who were highly skilled in basketball. Josephinum's soccer team also went a long way winning most of their games like the varsity basketball. The soccer team went all the way to regionals where they lost their game. They kept their spirit up even though it was had to deal with the fact that their game was cut short. Their game getting cut short hasn't been a experience for their soccer team since they started that was really though on them. Their coach is very proud of them for keeping so strong. Josephinum's volleyball team have been a strong volleyball team for years. When they lost one of their coaches coach Stan took over the Jv team. The jv and varsity were a very skilled team as well.

Cougar Style

Josephinum's uniform is a white pollo and gray dickies or a gray platted skirt.

Josephinum's students mainly take public transportation. Josephinum has students from 37 different zip codes. Considering that many travel a very long distance to attend the Jo. That means Josephinum is a really good school.

Conge is a special time of the year where the Jo. Students get to have a free day of fun!

Josephinum holds a service trip every summer to New Mexico. Any grade level is welcomed to go on this trip for two weeks of service. This service trip is lead by Sr.Carol. Many other schools are also join in the service trip to make a difference.

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