the wonders of space

a hero in our own time....Marc Garneau

Marc Garneau  is one of Canadians best astronaut and he has been to space on many occasions


Marc Garneau was born on February 23 and is still alive today.he went to school at st jean and went to Kingston college and that's where he earned his science degree.

His career

Marc Garneau was an astronaut and LOVED going into space! hes been there three times for 677 hours.he has been on 3 rocket ships one being the sts-41g challenger.

Marc Garneau has had 15 long years with the agency and is now retired.

Another interesting contribution of his was he helped deploy the earths radiation satellite so we could all get good repression for our TVs and I'm sure we are all very great full for that!

Marc Garneau earned a doctors degree and went on to become the president of the Canadian space agency.

his family

He had three kids and their names are Yves, Simone and Adrian.sadly his Former wife Pamela passed away so he had to raise his kids on his own.

over all

In all Marc Garneau was a very clever man and a great roll model.