To Kill a Mockingbird

I have just read To Kill a Mockingbird for English and I am very surprised at how inferior black people were in America in the 50s, I know they are treated unfairly these days, but nothing like they were treated back then, they were treated like absolute animals, just because of the colour of their skin. They were almost always used as servants or slaves, and always mistreated, abused and used to do the things that you wouldn’t even dream of doing. I am just amazed at how unfairly they were treated, and how you can reduce another living human to the level of animals.

I feel Bob Ewell treated all the black people really poorly, and these days I guarantee he would be put in prison for a long time, he goes around abusing negroes who have done him absolutely no harm at all, and accuses them of anything that goes wrong in his area, for example when he accused Tom Robinson of raping his daughter Mayella, he went off his head spraying abuse like "Black Nigger", "Filthy animal" and many more degrading and racist insults. Even though Atticus proved Tom Robinson was innocent, they lost the case and Tom was sent to jail and shot trying to "escape" which is another degradation of negroes, if a white man tried to escape they would wrestle him to the ground, give him a warning, and that’s that. Tom Robinson was accused of "Escaping" When I honestly think he was just scared of the whole situation and had probably been targeted by white inmates because he was black.

Another major point to show that black people were inferior is the bias shown by the judge in Tom Robinsons court case. Atticus clearly proved that Mayella seduced Tom and kissed him, and attempted to have relations with him, and still Tom was sent to prison. This just shows how black people were treated like garbage, even when they hadn't done anything wrong.

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