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Cultural assumption 2

Teenagers were meant to grow up and become responsible adults who fit the gender stereotype.

In modern times growing up is all young children dream about, but the realisation of adulthood can be scary, because you have to make your own choices and having the whole family relying on you.

Little Women shows that Jo and Meg struggle to become proper young ladies. Jo a strong headed girl has trouble and gets challenged in society because of her choices to live like the men. In the orientation Jo is a burden for her family because she doesn’t have a job and doesn’t get married, but towards the climax of the book, she gets a job as a writer. Jo goes against the gender stereotype.

But Meg fits the gender stereotype and is determined to become a confident young lady who makes the March family proud by getting married.

Young women didn’t want to grow up, they wanted to stay young little girls an play childish games, but society made the girls grow up and become women who had to move out and live their own life.

In Alcott's time once children hit 15 they were meant to grow up and start thinking about getting a job to support the family. Children who didn’t do this were considered a burden on their family. However, because Civil War in America was occurring, more women wanted to stay at home and keep their family safe.

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3 years ago

The cultural assumption that you're talking about is growing up, i think? The clear novel examples show the relevance to the assumption and that the author cares about the theme. the plot and characters were used by the author to emphasise the assumption and the chosen examples really show that. The context was again used to prove the relevance of the stereotypes and it was clear that the assumptions were relevant. The author is clearly trying to prove that not everybody wants to grow up and that generations opinions change as time goes along. The author wasn't included but using the examples the point he/she was trying to get across is clear. Once again, nice post :)