Okay for Now
Britney Georgia

March 24, 2015
Again and Again

As I began reading, I noticed many words and phrases are repeated. I did not expect so much repetition in such a short time. Doug likes to say "terrific" a lot throughout the first of the pages. Other repeated words are how fast his father's hands are. He hits Doug a lot. Also, when Doug feels the reader is judging him, he becomes defensive and repeats "So what." The one word that Doug uses to describe a person he does not like is "jerk." Doug also talks about the Yankee Stadium and Joe Pepitone. Doug also refers to the "terrified eye" of the Arctic tern. We will see what all of this has to do with the story.

March 25, 2015
Memory Moments

In the beginning of the story, Doug recalls playing ball with Joe Pepitone. He was so happy that he got Joe's ball cap. He liked recalling about the Yankee player many times throughout the story. How, if Joe was there with him on the library steps, he would talk about the seasons and then go play some ball. He makes it sound as if they were married. He shows us as readers, that he admires the famous player as a hero. It was sad that he lost Joe's hat, but it was nice that Holling gave Doug his jacket Joe had given him.

March 26, 2015
Contrast and contradictions

As I have read I found a time when Doug did act out of character. When he first met Lil Spicer, she was going into the library and Doug was walking by. He began talking to Lil about her bike. He remarked how her bike was junk. Lil had asked what he wanted and said "not in this town." I found this out of the ordinary for his character because of the way he treats his mom. He tries to help his mom and keep quiet to me. Then he goes and acts so mean to Lil. Was it because she didn't trust him and chained up her bike? I don't know. Doug even realizes that he acted out wrong. Like his brother Lucas who is in Vietnam and Doug calls a jerk.

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