Multicultural and Bilingual Learners

Embracing Diversity in the Classroom

As the number of students with English as a second language increases, the need for comprehensive and comfortable teaching becomes necessary. A huge trend in the links given was that students respond well to structure and routine in the classroom, and if they are comfortable they will be more likely to learn and listen. Using formal and informal techniques to assess a student's level of comprehension as well as English proficiency allows you as a teacher to develop better ways to teach the student.

Specific Strategies:

1. Use English books and Bilingual books: This allows the student to gain familiarity with the language as well as comfort with their primary language.

2. Use Cooperative Learning: This allows the students to collaborate and bounce off each other to gain more comfort with speaking the language and encourages participation.

3. Collaboration among teachers: Using your peers as a teacher to gain new strategies to teach more effectively. Tenured teachers are bound to possess a lot of wisdom.

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