Issues being presented in the documentary 'Super Size Me'

Fast foot franchises are becoming too popular in first world countries with more and more stores are being made everyday feeding us more and more food leading us and others to become obese. A main point shown by this is in the documentary Super Size Me when Morgan Spurlock walked past 3 McDonalds restaurants while walking to his office. This is showing us how much America is valuing McDonalds. There are also more McDonalds in Manhattan than anywhere else in the world, which the island is 13 miles long, 2 miles wide or 22.4 Square miles which equals 58 Square kilometers. In this area it contains 83 different McDonalds restaurants which is around 4 per square mile and that is only one food chain let alone others like Burger King, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Wendy's which is only naming a few.

Another issue presented in the documentary is the Knowledge of the people of America. We first see this when Morgan Spurlock interrogates children asking who each person is by first showing them a picture of George Washington which most of them are able to recognise however the second photo shown wasn't as easy for the kids as none of them shown in the video were able to tell them who it was, it was a picture of Jesus which in America 77% of believe in Jesus according to the Rasmussen report.  The next photo they show nearly everyone knows who the mascot of wendy's is however when they show Ronald McDonald every child knows who he is and where he is from. Another example of this is where they show American adults not being able to say the pledge of allegiance with several tries however the woman was easily able to say the big mac slogan easily.

Another problem is the food they serve at schools which the first scene of this is when they show us a loud lunch area full of loud noise and a child eating cookies, chips and ketchup for lunch while they show children only eating chips. The program they use is called sodexho which they supply food such as snack cakes, gatorade, candy bars and a ton of food to pre heat which sodexho serves this to more then 400 k-12 districts everyday. The documentary then goes to another school filled with students with 'behavioral problems' and the way the students turned themselves around by the type of food they eat they by examples the how the kids focus and how the teachers are getting more out of them in the classroom all for around the same

The documentary is showing us what happens if you eat an excessive amount of fast food from lack of knowledge to unhealthy people.

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