Ellen Smith Elementary

Learning Community Assessment
LIBM 6360
Jennifer Fason

Ellen Smith Elementary Data

Location: Conway, AR
Student Population: 522 students
Diversity: 63.4% Caucasian
21.8% African American
11.3% Hispanic
0.03% Asian
Free/Reduced Lunch: 206 free
19 reduced
Parental Involvement: Great!
Suburban Area
Size of District: 9,832 students

Conway, Arkansas Community Data
(2010 U.S. Census Bureau)

Population: 58,905
Diversity: 77.4% Caucasian
15.6% African American
5.1% Hispanic
1.9% Asian
Socio-Economic: Average income $44,645
18.6% poverty level
Average age: 68.6% of Conway residents are between the ages of 18 and 64 years
Education: 89% have high school diplomas
35% have college degrees

Benefits of living in Conway, AR

Three colleges: University of Central AR, Hendrix College, Central Baptist College
Schools: 9 elementary schools, 4 middle schools, 1 junior high, 1 high school, 2 private schools
Medical Care: hospital along with two 24 hour medical care facilities, abundance of physicians

*Ellen Smith has 206 that qualify for free lunch but only 19 that qualify for reduced lunch

*Only 35% of Conway residents have college degrees

*Percentage-wise, Ellen Smith has more diversity than the city of Conway


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