Poetry Vocabulary day 4

jacob Chappell

Crystal- made of clear, brilliant glass.

I saw a shinny crystal on the ground.

Sinewy- Tough and strong.

The girl was sinewy through the pain.

Brawny- Strong and muscular.

The man was very brawny after he worked out.

Parson- minister.

The pastor is our parson at church.

Wrought- shaped by hammering.

The guy wrought the ice sculpture.

Haunches- upper legs and hips of an animal.

The rabbit had big haunches.

1.Yes the dog would sit on its haunches if it were running.

2.Yes because the should be muscular.

3.A big man should have sinewy hands.

4.Yes it is breakable because it is glass.

5.Yes because he runs the church.

6.Yes because it is got to be hammered to be wrought.

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