STEPS on how to CHANGE and BE fully HAPPY

1. ACCEPT THE NEED TO CHANGE. This is the best thing we need to do for us to get what we wanted especially if we're letting go of a bad habit. Let's say smoking, if you want to quit smoking you have to tell yourself that you want to stop and you have to accept it. A lot of people nowadays follow some routine to let go of a bad habit but they find it really hard because they can't stop thinking about that habit.

2. CREATE A DAILY SCHEDULE OF TASKS. And make sure that for your free times you have something INTERESTING to do that will make you busy.

3. IT HAS TO BE PART OF YOUR DAILY LIFE. If you wanna be fit and you want to do some work out everyday, make sure to do it daily to make it a habit.

4. GET A WORK OUT BUDDIES. Make sure to get one who's running into same road as yours. One who has the same goal as yours.

6. LOOK IN THE MIRROR AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AND LOVE YOURSELF. Sop complaining about yourself. Stop comparing yourself to other

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