Marx's first idea for Communism was that man lived in a state of nature that forced him to struggle for survival. But, to succeed in this struggle, men formed relationships with those who had similar interests resulting in the formation of classes. Another of Marx's ideas was that control of wealth was the most important aspect of a groups position in society. He saw all of history as the story of struggles between different classes for the control of wealth. This all ended up resulting in the Industrial Revolution which had changed to two classes Marx saw as important. Marx saw these two classes as the Bourgeoisie (factory owners and the middle class) and the proletariats (factory workers.) The proletariats were treated very poorly where as Marx thought they were of most importance due to them being a vibrant and creative class while the Bourgeoisie were parasites.


Lenin was similar to Marx in the thought that Capitalism is vs. Proletariats, and that history was the story of class struggle. Lenin was the leader of the Bolsheviks and was considered the "Father of Revolution." There were two reasons why Lenin had brought up a revolution one of those reasons was because the Czars had resisted change and the next reason was because Lenin's brother had gotten killed. A difference between Lenin and Marx was, Lenin thought that a strong government was needed and that peasants needed a little push in order to start a revolution. Lenin had started the USSR a communist party that the Bolsheviks had named. With this new party also came a flag, on the flag, the hammer and sickle represented the union of workers and peasants, the reed represented a revolution, and the red star on the flag represented the communist party.


Mao Zedong was similar to both Lenin and Marx in the thought that peasants would lead the revolution. He believed peasants would lead all factors of production. More specifically, he believed peasants from rural areas would lead the revolution. Right after the boxer rebellion there were many doubts within the people and that's the chance Zedong took to take control of the situation and lead people to a revolution.


The Nazim, a German socialist party believed that Germany had to overturn the treaty of Versailles and combat against communism. Hitler, an Austrian man tried taking control of this but failed and was sent to jail. Later, he came back and created a group to try and fight of communism once again. Once Hitler was able to get power he created and alliance with Musolini and Hirohito and formed the Axis Powers. All three fought against the whole idea of communism while controlling their countries in a facist way.


One of the remaining Communist countries is North Korea. Many things have been written about North Korea's military program, especially its nuclear weapons program. Very little is known about the human nightmare inside the country. No one knows exactly what's going on within NK, but many believe that around 1-3 million people have died in famine that began in the mid-1990s. Although there has been a draught and the country's economic policies have gotten worse and are in a tough situation, a major cause of the famine appears to be a result of Government policies similar to those persued by Stalin in the Ukranian famine. The Government of Kim Jong Il seems determine to use food as a famine for those deemed the least loyal. North Koreans are desperate to flee their country. Around 0.3 million are hidden in Chia, terrified that the Chinese will return them back, Another 0.2 million people are in the North Korean Gulag in which an estimated 0.4 million people have died in the last three decades. Kim Il Sung, the current rulers's father set a goal of eliminating class enemies through three generations.


As to where I see things, I doubt communism will ever be taken seriously or be able to work out. With communism everyone needs to be in agreement with each other and many people have different views and arguments. They need to set up a democratic system such as the one we have today in the U.S, there every single person has a chance to represent themselves in what they like and what they don't and everyone can have a different opinion without causing a fuss.

Ruben Barragan

Period 3



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