Connecting / Sharing

MS Lync:
Video Conferening across Peel

MS Lync is a tool that connect with Peel's Byod Office365 Infrastructure. No need to use third party applications like FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts to use video conferencing within Peel!

Look for Lync 2013 in App Store on Apple products or in the Google Play Store on Android devices for a mobile version of Lync. All you need to log in is your byod email ( and your email password.

When searching for a student, type their full name. When searching for a male teacher type "mr. " then their last name. When searching for a female teacher type "ms. " then their last name.

NOTE: You can also use the mobile Lync app to email and instant message!

How to use Video Conferencing for Inquiry

- Connect with other classrooms in Peel during class time to support cross panel collaboration (High school classes connecting with other high school classes, High school students connecting with a feeder school students, teachers connecting with teacher in and out of the class to help support each other)

- Leverage 'experts' in Peel when a classroom visit isn't possible

How does Video Conferencing with Lync link to "IQ: A Practical Guide to Inquiry-Based Learning"?

p. 108: 6.1 - How can I help my students make sense of their evidence and data?

Developing opinions, researching and then making sense of data can take a long time. Using video conference tools like MS Lync, you can extend the inquiry and have students communicate with each other outside of the classroom.


With the co-operation of another class (at another school!) arrange a video conference where members of both classes share their thoughts on a common inquiry. For an effective experience, have both classes use evidence to support their conclusions