Road Trip Blues? Eliminate them!

If you travel in the car for more than an hour, or even just a few minutes, you can do these fun things to distract you from the boredom, anticipation, and/or to distract you from thinking about how long it will take to arrive at your destination.

1. One of my personal favorite game to play is the double letter game. Look at the different license plates. Some of them will have double letters. Whenever you see a car with a double letter you can punch someone lightly--or hard, depending on who it is. If the car has a double "W" then you get to punch them twice! Make it a competition maybe. Take a piece of paper and record how many double letters you both see.

2. If you like to read--like me--then you can read in the car. Sometimes though--like me, again--you can't read in the car because it can make your stomach ache or make your head throb then don't do it. Riding in the car feeling sick is not a good way to have an enjoyable ride.

3. Here is another fun punching game. Like the double letter game this one f=deals with the license plates. It is called the double number game. As you may suspect, it is the same as the double letter game. Well, almost. For this one you have to start off with 0 and end with 9. You go in order of the numbers. Whenever you see a double number you get to punch someone. this may cause arguments, so change up the people you punch. Maybe punch someone different each time. :D

Here is yet again another punching game. This one doesn't deal with the license plates though. This one deals with the color of the car. If you look around on the street, or while in a car, or pretty much anywhere you wills see tons of silvers, blue or/and red. The color of the car you are looking for is yellow. When is the last time you saw a yellow car? Don't remember? OR do you just not pay attention to it? Whenever you see you and call it out then you can punch someone. You dont have to punch them, but it makes it more fun and car trips at least "ok".

Here is one that I quite enjoy. Take a nap! Unless you are the driver or the navigator, just get comfy and fall asleep. It can do wonders. Not only does it make you less irritable it also makes the time go faster! Just saying. Do it!

Still none you appeal to? Either way here is yet another one. If you have a computer, or a phone, or a tablet then you can play movies. Just buy them off of ITunes, download them at home or in some place with internet connection, then you'll be able to play them in the car! This also makes time go faster. If it is a movie you enjoy or never seen before.

Another thing is to put n some earbuds and turn up the music. I love listening to music. Or watching the occasional YouTube vid. Usually time flies when I do this. Helps a lot.

Also as a little tip, take breaks. If you are driving for hours and hours and hours it can get a little antsy in the car. Get food too, or pack some. That would be good, especially if you are traveling with children.

If you use these fun activities in the car and in long road trips then you will--most likely--have more fun. Do you have any car activities that you want me to add here? Place them in the comments.

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