All About Roald dahl
by: Jackson gordon

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1.Who's Number 1! No, really......                            

2.first paragraph graphic organizers

3.gremlin comparison

4. So So happy... or is it?

5. second paragraph graphic organizer

6.Charlie and the chocolate factory intro song

7.He's so smart where did he go to school?

8. third paragraph graphic organizer

9. Roald's birth place

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1.Who's Number 1!  No, really......

Most people wonder what Roald Dahl’s first book was and what is was about. You are probably thinking Matilda or Charlie and the great glass elevator, well you're are wrong. His first book was actually the children’s story The Gremlins. I know what you’re thinking, he doesn't write movies and that’s a horror movie not a book. Well the green goblins that you can’t feed after 12 or put in water have nothing in common. The original story was about little monsters that lived on bomber and fighter planes and were the cause of all crashes. All of a sudden people started saying gremlins here and there and it became it's own saying, have you ever heard someone say this computer has gremlins(computer can be replaced with cars, games and machines in general). This story also became a movie except this one is more child friendly as it was made by Disney(at the bottom I'll show a comparison of the two creatures one from each movie). Roald actually wrote the book by taking an event from his life and taking the sorrow out of it. What happened was, during World War II he crashed in the middle of the desert and was later found. After the crash he started to write about the adventures he had (but that’s for another article) which were published in various magazines. Each story got more and more silly and he finally wrote a full book instead of magazine articles. The Gremlins was his first book. Imagine what inspired  Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator read the next article to find out the real story behind this and a few other books.



4.So So happy... or is it?

The truth behind those imaginative and fantasizing stories have some pretty dark inspirations. Let's start with Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator, a story about a poor kid winning big in a contest for candy. This is what’s behind it (anything in between these() is about the book). As a kid when Roald's father died the family couldn't hold things together and started to lose money, thus Charlie is poor. In school Roald started meeting some pretty mean and sick people who became Augustus, Violet, Mike and the other characters in the book. Every time Roald would get a small amount of money when he was a kid, like when Charlie finds the coin, he would spend it on his only get away,candy, this was his golden ticket.  Now you probably expected some happy tale, well things just didn't work that way for Roald. Next, Matilda the girl who was a genius but was abused by many, this story was also inspired by Roald's childhood experiences. He had started in one school for kindergarten which he loved, and Matilda loved her kindergarten teacher. He changed schools because of his father’s dying wish that he attend English schools, and Matilda had to go to fifth grade because she was too smart for kindergarten. At the new school he met friends that he could rely on, and Matilda stayed friends with her old teacher. He then realized that the principle was a horrible person and Matildas principle was crazy too! Roald was severely beaten and left that school, Matilda was abused by her parents and her teacher found the deed that allowed her teacher to take custody of her. Now I think you can see that the happy faces you can see in the music video below, from the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, don't always look that way behind them.



7.He's so smart where did he go to school?

As a kid school wasn't a good place for Roald. It started when his sister died of appendicitis, this caused his dad to get very depressed and he eventually  died, his dying wish was that Roald attend a proper English school. Soon after his father's death his mother sent him to Llandaff Cathedral school. There he made many friends, but friends turned out to be a bad thing, him and his "friends" put a dead rat inside a candy jar at a store. Now you would get grounded and pay up money to replace things , him and his buddies got severely beaten by their principle who had no reason to punish them.  His mother, full of concern, sent him to St. Peters boarding school and later Repton, a prestigious private school. Whenever his mom asked him where he wanted to go to college he replied  "nowhere, as soon as I’m done I’m going to go work for a big corporate company that will send me to places like China and Africa.” Once he really finished, he went to work for Shell Oil company , but because of World War II he lost his job due to the oil shortage. So he decided to be a pilot in the war until it was over. He ended up crashing in a deser, luckily he was found and survived. Soon enough he started to write about all these crazy events turning them into the stories we know and love.



Roald Dahl's birthplace


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