Roanoke, The Lost Colony

By: Rahul Palani

Roanoke Island, commonly referred to as the Lost Colony, is a place that has a mysterious future… but maybe, the timeline before the vanishing of the colony has simply been traced..

1584- Sir Walter Raleigh sends Amadas and Barlowe, his men in search of the Roanoke Island

1585- 108 soldiers come to Roanoke to establish first colony

1586- Colonists and Native Americans at war and the colony is abandoned

1587- Birth of VA Dare, the first baby in Roanoke

         -John White returns to England

1588- White’s ships taken for battle against Spain

1590- White finally returns to find Roanoke gone

1602- Raleigh tries again

I think all the colonists were killed by the Indians (on the slide share it said this was the most likely). First, because Indians were already at war with the Colonists when John White went to get supplies. Second, they didn’t have any resources or amazing weapons. Third, all the good weapons, tools, and all ships were taken because of the war going on in England against Philip the II of The Spanish Armada.

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