Bob Bishop.
This is me, and what i am all about.

My Favorite Song Is...

About Me

My Best Friend is: Levi Caulfield

Birthday is June, 28th 1996

Currently 19 Yrs.

Zodiac is  Cancer.

I Stand 5'10"

I am currently Single.

Middle name is Lee

My favorite Emoji is 👊

The emoji that describes me best is 🍟

I got 7 siblings total. 3 Half, 1 Full, 3 Step.

Favorite store is any thrift store.

Favorite restaurant is Ouback Steakhouse

Favorite Fast-food is Chipotle.

Favorite foods are Chinese and Seafood

Favorite colors are (in order), Red, Purple and Green

Favorite TV shows are, Breaking bad, better call saul, Finding carter.

Favorite Movie is Neighbors

Favorite Band is Hands like Houses

Favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving

Favorite Animal is Lion.

My favorite vegetable is Brussels Sprouts

I Dislike Reading, Presenting, Exercising, Sports, Spiders, snakes.

Can't stand country music, cottage cheese.


The video below is what some of my mornings are like.

Watch more of my YouTube videos HERE


I own an attire shop some of the T-shirts are below.

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