Ebola Through Different Eyes

Health Care Worker POV:

I am only but a person by Roberto Medina

I am only but a person

trying to stop this epidemic

There are many others like me

that have the same goals as me

We walk around ghost white

As the annoying sound of plastic against plastic rings in our ears

I am only but a person

witnessing innocent lives taken by this fatal disease

Their eyes are filled with fear not the beautiful color they had

Hiding is an everyday action for them

Disinfecting is important to our daily health

Hoping that the evil virus cries in pain of being destroyed

“Ambulances” are cleaned for the next victim

I am only but a person

trying to look at the positive side

I do this for them

If they see me upset, then they will be too

I try to comfort the victims

with the sound of music and prayer

Hoping that they will feel better

I am only but a person

doing all that I can

No touching no caressing

Do not show any skin

Or you’re done

It’s up to us to control this

and it’s up to them to help us

We can only give them hope

and everything we have got to give.

Victim POV:

Dear Self,

Nobody really knows. No one knows how it feels. All over the world it’s a joke. In all reality, it’s everything but a joke. All around the world I’m known as so many things other than what I really am. Lonely. Being isolated from the ones I love when all I want at this time is to be with them. I can’t win for losing. I can’t bring myself to eat, more or less hold anything down. My strong coughs rub against my throat and make my throat feel raw. Constantly using the “bathroom”. Having everything washed down after me makes me feel revolting. It makes me feel like I’m causing the spread.

Thinking of how my family goes on without me hurts me. It makes me wonder. What will they do without me. I really hope I didn't infect them. I’m so weak. At times I feel as if I won’t make it. It’s highly unbeatable. I’m scared. Really scared. “Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come...”

Sincerely, Cinnamon

Family POV:

Dear Diary,

They took him away from me today. They call the vehicle an ambulance but everyone believes it to be more as a hearse. When others are taken they almost never come back. An ambulance will take you to recover and help you. The hearse that took my husband gives me no hope as an ambulance would have.

I would never wish my kids to be sick, but I wished for my husband go in peace in his own bed rather than go while he is surrounded by the cries of others who are suffering just as he is. I wish he was home where he belongs but instead I'm still scrubbing the blood he vomited up off the floor right before they took him. When they came for him, I tried to pretend as though he wasn't sick, but it was more than obvious. It was ignorant of me to try to hide his sickness but I just knew when he left in the hearse that they call an ambulance, he wasn't coming back.

Sincerely, Amanda

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