Robby Toledano’s Role as a Senior Recruiting Liaison

Robby Toledano is a notable member of the United States Marine Corps. He has spent nearly twenty years as a part of the Marine Corps. Joining in 1996, he left the University of Illinois in Chicago in the middle of his junior year to make his four year commitment to the Corps. Robby Toledano would later return to the University in order to secure his undergraduate degree. Upon his return to school, Robby Toledano decided he should also earn his Master’s degree. He was able to keep committed to the Corps while enrolled in school because he joined the Marine Reserves.

Eventually, Robby Toledano recommitted to the Marine Corps. During his tenure with the core, he was called to serve in Iraq with the second battalion of the 24th Marines. This deployment for Robby Toledano lasted eleven months. When returning to the states, he was then referred to as Master Sergeant Robby Toledano. At this point, Toledano’s commitment to the Marine Corps was in the recruiter position. As a recruiter, he is responsible for recruiting civilians into the Corps. As a Senior Recruiting Liaison, Robby Toledano has more responsibilities than just recruiting, he must prepare the volunteers for the United States Marine Corps Recruiting Training, Officer Candidates School or the United States Naval Academy.

Though many believe that anyone can get into the military and join the Marine Corps, this is not necessarily true. According to Robby Toledano there are restrictions that a volunteer must pass through in order to join the Corps. Various requirements included that a person must have an adequate education, have no outstanding amount of civil convictions, no significant amount of drug use.

Robby Toledano - An Artist

Robby joined the Marines Corps when he was still attending the University of Illinois at Chicago. Having been able to study the subject at length, he is better able to appreciate the art of it. At the University, he was studying drawing and graphic arts, performing well in his grades. Unfortunately, Robby had to put his dreams of a career aside for a time as he was called as a Marine Corps Reserve to be deployed to Iraq.

Robby studied long hours and worked hard in preparation for a long career as a graphic designer. Picking up where he left off, he returned to his love of graphic design. During this time, Robby learned that he was passionate about graphic design and wanted nothing more than to learn more about this type of drawing art. Upon completing his deployment time, he decided that a career with the Marine Corps would suit him best and he became a part of the recruitment team.

After four years of active duty, Robby Toledano returned to the University of Illinois to complete his education journey to a degree. Though he was performing at a high level and well on his way to graduating, Robby left during his junior year at the University of Illinois in Chicago and joined the United States Marine Corps. The science of advertising, branding, and other forms that include graphic design appeal to Robby because he knows how much hard work it takes to put everything together. Robby knows that he is still passionate for the art of graphic design.

Robby Toledano

Keeping Fit is a Lifelong Task

People from all walks of life enjoy staying fit. They do such activities as going to a June, taking a walk or lifting weights quite regularly in order to improve their health and strength. Keeping Fit can be an enlightening experience and one that alleviates stress. It requires a commitment and dedication to getting out and doing the activity of your choice on a regular basis. It is all too easy to slip into a comfortable routine that may not challenge you physical. That is why some people advise making it a part of your daily routine and to stick with the commitment that you have made each and every day.

In the United States Marine Corps, keeping fit is part of the job. United States Marines are known for their fortitude and extreme will. They keep fit around the year two a variety of conditioning and endurance exercises. It is not hard for people to picture an obstacle course in a military environment. It is not just the stuff of Hollywood movies, soldiers truly engage in regular exercise every opportunity they can. They are after all those of us that are expected to operate in defense and on behalf of the citizens of this country.

Robby Toledano is a member of the United States Marine Corps. He has served with pride for close to 20 years and he pays special attention to his fitness. He encourages others to care about their fitness as well and is regularly involved in additional fitness habits outside of his regular training. He works hard to stay in shape and to prevent health problems that could affect him such as heart attack, strokes and other things. He is currently a senior liaison in the recruiting division of the USMC. He is focused on working with recruits of all types as they enter into their own careers in the service.

About Graphic Arts

Graphic arts are an interesting endeavor. They are described as being two-dimensional and include a variety of specialties including drawing, photography, calligraphy, computer graphics, typography and more. A graphic designer is the core party in the graphic arts. Throughout history there have been many innovations that have pushed the boundaries of what graphics arts means. The printing press is one such example which is responsible for mass reproduction of graphic art and text. This important technology changed information forever.

Graphic arts have a special place in the history of the world and in this country. If you look back at the period of history that surrounded World War II, is not difficult to find examples of motivational art that was designed to inspire the citizens of this country to support the war effort. In the 1960s, the countercultural and peace movement utilized extensive pieces of traffic arts to evoke their messages. By introducing motion into pictures, also known as movies, the world was changed once again forever. From this innovation came the fields of film and television.

The personal computer is probably the most important element in the world of graphic arts. Invented in the 20th century, powerful computer software is utilized to manipulate images in a fast and simple manner. This is the stuff that you see when you log on to a website or pull something up on your app smartphone. Master Sergeant Robby Toledano was a big student of graphic design. He pursued this during his educational years at the University of Illinois. At the time was following the career path of his father who was known for his skill as an artist and abilities in graphic design. Toledano exhibited a skill early in life when he came to drawing. He had always anticipated that he would be a great graphic artist like his father was. Life had other plans for him however and an award filled and illustrious career in the United States Marine Corps made him change those original plans. He always keeps open possibility that he might dabble in or return to the world of graphic arts at some point down the road.

Robby Toledano - Quality Control Management

Quality is important in nearly everything that we do inRobby Toledano: Quality Control Managementour lives, but when it comes to the military, it is absolutely essential. There is no finer example of this than the quality performance of those who are entrusted to protect our country, as well as those who are there to aid them in the process of becoming trusted members of the U.S. military. Applicants that embark on US military career are expected to pass an array of tests, and to complete a process that will qualify them to join the ranks of the military. The United States Marine Corps is a perfect example of a military force that enforces exacting standards, those that prospective entrants must meet before entry into its ranks. These prospective soldiers go through numerous background investigations, drug testing, validation of documentation, as well as numerous other screening steps. It is the responsibility for USMC quality control management to provide guidance during this process, and to maintain the standards that the US Marine Corps expects of its new recruits.

Master Sergeant Robby Toledano has been a member of the US Marine Corps since 1996. He has served in Iraq, and has been on a number of deployments over the years. He understands what it takes to be an excellent Marine. With a stellar service record and record of military distinction, Toledano currently serves in the role of a senior recruiting liaison, which allows him to integrate the standards and entrant process that is expected for new recruits. He has served as a corporate recruiter for the US Marine Corps several years now. HE has enjoyed the opportunity to processed many applicants throughout his career. He currently works at the military entrance processing station located in Des Plaines, Illinois. His office has been a hub for a constant number of quality recruits, which is a testament to the quality of the work that he has done in his role.

Robby Toledano - History of the Marine Corps

The United States Marine Corps has been at the epicenter of many memorable moments in American history, those that have inspired many for generations. Formed in 1775 by the Continental Congress, this branch of the armed services has been a prime force in numerous conflicts, and missions, around the world. The citizens of the United States have been able to count on the United States Marines since that time. These elite forces are known for their adaptability and reliability. The value of this force is highlighted by the various critical situations Marines have been involved in throughout the course of their history.

Marine Corps troops are trained and molded every day. There are many training facilities and programs across the country that have turned ordinary people into some of the nation’s finest soldiers. From service in ROTC programs to enrollment in reserve forces, there are many ways an individual can both become and remain a member of the USMC. When it comes to bringing in new recruits, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. After all, not every applicant has what it takes to be a United States Marine. There are a number of qualifications that need to be met, as well as a process that must be completed. For example, reviewing documents of perspective recruits, running background investigations, drug testing, specialty testing, and more are aspects of the incoming recruit process. In an overwhelming number of cases, the desire to join the United States Marine Corps is based on the reputation and history that this respected force holds. Recruiters know this affinity is feverish among new recruits.

Master Sergeant Robby Toledano is known for his outstanding service when it comes to managing applications for new recruits. He is stationed at the Military Entrance Processing Station in Des Plaines, Illinois. He has been in this position and field of responsibility for several years. He is officially known in his current role as a Senior Recruiting Liaison for the United States Marine Corps. He takes special pride in having being an advisor and mentor to so many young recruits over the years.

Robby Toledano - About Legal Studies

The field of legal studies is taught at schools across the land. This program can be found in many academic departments, including that of politics, and it is interdisciplinary. Students that enroll themselves into such a program are encouraged to use the perspectives and methods of a number of academic disciplines during the study of legal issues, and to utilize the conceptual framework of the law. With this powerful approach, empirical and theoretical concerns are born from various academic disciplines. One example of this might be the act of applying philosophical and psychological approaches towards the study of capital punishment. Students may also integrate their knowledge of feminist studies and critical race theory when studying current day matters of privacy and civil rights.

One of the basic ideas in a dynamic legal studies department is that students are given the license to integrate various perspectives into their particular study of the law. This track exposes them to a higher level of legal pursuit in both social science disciplines and the humanities. Students that emerge from these programs often find themselves immersed in a willing environment including the fields of law, social work, business administration, and public policy. Typically, there is an extensive amount of independent research projects that are available through this field of study.
A graduate of this field will generally be able to demonstrate a considerable knowledge base concerning a varerity of subjects. These may include an understanding of the nature and function of law, an understanding of legal theory within that context, an understanding of legal institutions, and the power of analysis. Students can further expect a perspective of the law and legal institutions in respect to economic, political, and social elements.

Master Sergeant Robby Toledano is currently pursuing a master of legal studies degree at the American Military University. He has exhibited a record of excellence both in the classroom and in the service of his country. A veteran with nearly 20 years of service, he has served abroad, and has received numerous commendations throughout his career.

Robby Toledano - The Joy of Graphic Arts and Design

In the large and varied spectrum of professional careers, there are certain positions that embrace natural skills. One of those positions is that of graphic designer. For those that have considerable skill in the field of art, and who like working with type, words and images, graphic design can be an enjoyable profession. However, people should recognize that graphic design involves a lot of work. Although there is often much fun to be had in the field of graphic design, the work can be tedious. Personality goes a long way in many things, and being the type of person that can take critiques from clients is important. After all, in any business, the customer is always right. That means that a graphic designer is often focused on making their customer happy, and both clients and bosses will have some say in what a final project is supposed to look like.
Graphic design is not all about paintbrushes and airbrushes. Computers and software play a big role in this career track. The advances in computer software have made advanced technology a critical aspect of this field, and there is often an emphasis placed on having good software. However, having and learning a good software system pales in comparison to the value that is placed on being a creative thinker. The modern graphic designer works in a number of ways. They might work for a graphic design firm, which is composed of a few designers, or it may be much larger and include many designers. Some will end up working for an in-house type of scenario for one company. Other graphic designers are the freelance type that work for many different clients.

Master Sergeant Robby Toledano excelled in graphic and arts in his early college career. It was a skill that he pursued towards his initial goal of becoming a graphic designer. He has worked to serve this country as United States Marine for the last 20 years.

Robby Toledano - Supporting the Iraqi Freedom Campaign

Robby Toledano began his adult life at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He believed that he would follow his father into a creative profession. After he began studying graphic design, Toledano realized he had talent to spare. He excelled at illustration, a subject he was passionate about. However, he changed his career path in 1996. He left school during his junior year and joined the United States Marine Corps to serve his nation.

He was an active duty marine for four years, and then transferred to the military reserves. While in the reserves, he returned to the University of Illinois, Chicago to complete his undergraduate degree. He graduated from college in 2002 and then returned to active duty service. He was soon deployed to the Babil province of Iraq to support the Iraqi Freedom campaign.

The Iraqi Freedom Campaign was a military operation that involved seven phases of military and government action in Iraq. The campaign began in March of 2003 and continued until December of 2011. The first phase was the liberation of Iraq, and the second phase was the transition of Iraq. The third phase was referred to as ‘Iraqi Governance’ and ended in 2005. This was the same year that Toledano returned home from his 11 month deployment.

Robby Toledano spent nearly a year in Iraq in support of the Iraqi Freedom Campaign, after he returned in 2005, he began to build his career as a Marine Corps recruiter. He was able to use his experience from his years of active duty and his months overseas to advise and recruit applicants to the United States Marine Corps.

Robby Toledano

Robby Toledano - A Man of History

Literature is the key to the past and opens minds to new ideas and concepts. Robby Toledano is a voracious reader who loves world history and the humanities. He began his education by pursuing a fine arts degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago, then left school to join the United States Marine Corps.

Throughout his career in the military, Toledano has maintained his love for history. Some would say that historic books and textbooks are dry; Toledano, however, loves learning about the past. His favorite historical periods are the Roman Kingdom, the Medieval Period, and the Napoleonic Era.

The Roman Kingdom began in 753 BCE, and refers to the period in time when Italy was ruled by seven kings. This was also the year Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus and then subsequently ruled by Romulus. The history of the Roman Kingdom is rife with fratricide, war, and betrayal. It also shows how Rome shifted from being ruled by multiple kings, to one king, and then finally one emperor.

The medieval period, like the Roman Kingdom, is filled with advances in government and society. A major component of this time period is also the Crusades, a massive military advancement that stemmed from the society’s religious beliefs. Thousands of European Christians waged war with Islamic nations in an attempt to inhabit Jerusalem. The presence of large scale military campaigns are also echoed in the Napoleonic Era.

Napoleon’s reign was filled with war. In 1799 CE, Napoleon Bonaparte became the First Consul of France. He instituted order in the country and quickly began to gather more power. He wanted to expand his empire and began to wage war in other continental European countries. Napoleon had a powerful army and a strong government. However many of the countries in his continental system were dissatisfied and revolted. He was defeated in 1813 CE.

Robby Toledano enjoys reading about these time periods and the social and governmental changes that took place. As a lifelong veteran, he can relate to the various military actions that occurred. He understands that history is echoed in the present.

Robby Toledano

Robby Toledano - Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is important to Robby Toledano. He maintains an active lifestyle and enjoys physical activity and exertion. He works hard to maintain his fitness level and his health. As a marine, being physically fit is paramount. The United States Marine Corps is one of the most physically demanding branches of the military.

The United States Marine Corps produces soldiers who are combat ready, this means that fitness is essential. New recruits go through a demanding boot camp that whips them into fantastic shape. The fitness regimen that marines go through also helps to instill a high level of self-discipline which is vital to the Marine Corps lifestyle.

The Marine Corps Physical Conditioning Platoon (PCP) has two major components, a physical fitness test and a Body Composition Program. The physical fitness test includes pull ups, crunches, and a timed 3-mile run. This test is semi-annual. Recruits need to be able to pass the test, and seasoned marines need to be able to maintain the fitness needed to pass the test.

The second component is the body composition program. The Marine Corps have a weight and body fat standard that each soldier has to maintain, so that they are able to perform to the best of their ability. If a marine’s body weight and body fat exceed the maximum limit, then they are not within the required standards for active duty. A male soldier is not to exceed 18% body fat, and a female soldier is not to exceed 26% body fat. If a solder exceeds the allowed percentage and weighs more than the weight chart allows, they have to then enroll in the Body Composition Program to lose the extra weight.

Robby Toledano has been a marine for the majority of his adult life. Physical fitness began as a job requirement and became a hobby. He enjoys running, weightlifting, and cross fit exercises. Maintaining his fitness level is not only beneficial for his career, but also for his health.

Robby Toledano

Robby Toledano - A Passion for Education

Robby Toledano believes that education is important and should be continued. He began his educational career at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he studied graphic design. He excelled in his illustration classes and enjoyed learning about one of his passions. However, in his junior year of college, he chose to serve his nation instead of finish school. This was not the end of his education though.

After four years of active duty, he returned to the University of Illinois at Chicago to finish his degree. He graduated from college in 2002, and then in 2013 he completed an MBA from the American Military University. In 2015, he again returned to the American Military University to work on a Masters of Arts in Legal Studies.

The American Military University was founded in 1991 by James P. Etter, a retired Marine Corps officer. His school offers online, career-relevant education for military personnel. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in order to help students gain leadership skills for military advancement, or to help them transition into their post-military careers.

The American Military University has over 100,000 students enrolled in its 190 academic programs. This school is also a four-time recipient of the Online Learning Consortium’s Effective Practice Award and is ranked as one of the best online universities. The school boasts of small class sizes that are over 50% active duty military personnel.

Robby Toledano has taken full advantage of his access to the American Military University. It has been a place where he could gain more knowledge and experience. Toledano is well educated with a bachelor’s degree, an MBA and a master’s degree in progress.

Robby Toledano