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About Robert Borden Delegate Advisors

An accomplished senior investment executive in the sectors of state pensions and insurance, Robert Borden brings a plethora of financial expertise to his current position as chief investment officer at Delegate Advisors, LLC. Particularly well-regarded for his innovative strategic planning and his program and policy development skills, Robert Borden has honed his abilities over years of working with large, troubled public pension plan investment programs.
As chief executive officer and chief investment officer with the South Carolina Retirement System, his most recent position prior to joining Delegate Advisors, Borden completely restructured the system’s investment program through an intensive campaign of strategic reforms. He dramatically revised the program’s dynamic asset allocation methodologies, improved the fund’s information ratios by integrating portable Alpha strategies, streamlined restructuring efficiency by integrating $20 billion Beta overlay solutions, and launched constitutional reforms to permit greater portfolio diversification. His inventive efforts significantly improved the rankings of the fund, which had previously been performing in the bottom fifth percentile of its peer group, and generated excess returns of more than $1 billion.

Robert Borden’s success with the South Carolina Retirement System was preceded by an equally successful transformation of the Louisiana State Employees’ Retirement System. As with the South Carolina system, he took on responsibility for Louisiana’s public pension plan investment program when its performance was suffering. Through a combination of new initiatives and reforms, Borden grew the fund considerably, boosting its national investment rankings to a consistent level of performance in the top quartile.

In his present role at Delegate Advisors, Borden draws on these experiences to provide exceptional service and advice to high net worth individuals and families, mid-sized foundations, and endowments. He is currently at work on the development of a number of new initiatives designed to further enhance and diversify the firm’s range of high-quality wealth management solutions.

Wealth Planning at Delegate Advisors

Delegate Advisors, where Robert Borden currently serves as managing partner and chief investment officer, handles a variety of wealth planning tasks. When the company takes on new clients, it evaluates all aspects of their financial portfolios, aiming to simplify their finances while maintaining their existing relationships. In practice, that can mean anything from serving as a bookkeeper and tax advisor to providing advice about philanthropy and managing investments. In all cases, the company works to make sure that everyone involved in a client’s finances is working toward the same goals.

Reaching those goals requires the constant juggling of a number of needs. On the one hand, investors need to know which investments will generate high returns. On the other, they need to tackle questions of tax planning and risk tolerance. At Delegate Advisors, an experienced financial team develops a customized plan based on the particulars of each client’s long-term goals and a philosophy of “patient but flexible capital,” which means avoiding changes based on short-term market movements but being willing to shift strategies when appropriate. More information on Delegate Advisors and its methods is available online at

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