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A proven leader in the health care services industry, Robert Cucuel is an expert at managing contract negotiations for multimillion-dollar health care-related companies. Having served in executive- and senior-level positions for over two decades, Mr. Cucuel currently maintains oversight of all health care investments at Kohlberg & Company. As the New York-based private equity firm’s Healthcare Operating Partner, Robert Cucuel utilizes his extensive experience in strategic planning, organizational restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and profit-loss management. He has a proven record in growing company revenues and in keeping businesses profitable.

Bob Cucuel began his career in the health care industry after spending nearly ten years working throughout the United States in accounting, first for American Hospital Supply, and later Frito-Lay and Support Systems International. He joined Home Nutrition Services, Inc., as General Manager, and was soon promoted to his first executive role in 1991, becoming the Area Vice President of the Mid-Atlantic region. Bob Cucuel then joined the Home Health Corporation of America in 1993 as its Chief Operating Officer. Under his leadership the company both increased annual revenues and saw a growth rate of 60% over the previous year.

In 1995, Robert Cucuel joined American Home Patient as the Senior Area Vice President. There, he oversaw the restructuring of four major regions across the United States, totaling $175 million in revenue annually. He also initially held responsibility for acquisitions in the northeastern United States as the Director of Development, and was named Eastern Area Vice President; a position in which he developed the strategic plans used to establish operations in the Northeast. In 1998, Bob Cucuel began working with Kohlberg & Company, founding, growing, and selling profitable health care companies within the Kohlberg portfolio. Mr. Cucuel has established companies specializing in home medical equipment and respiratory therapy, including American Homecare Supply LLC, which he sold in 2002 for $165 million, and Critical Homecare Solutions, which he sold for $365 million in 2010. 

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