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As an experienced physiologist with expertise in cardio-respiratory exercise, human performance and health promotion, Robert D. Johnson’s career has extended from La Jolla, CA to Charlotte (Duke Energy) and the Research Triangle (Duke University Medical Center) North Carolina, Boston, Massachusetts (Harvard Business School) Boulder, Colorado (Colorado Altitude Training), Christchurch, NZ (Active Health), Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (PGA TOUR) He currently resides in Vero Beach, Florida.

Prior to the start of his career, Robert Davis Johnson earned a master’s degree in applied clinical exercise physiology from San Diego State University Graduate School of Public Health. Upon graduation, he worked for Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation. He began as a staff clinical exercise physiologist and eventually became chief clinical exercise physiologist, Director, The Preventive Medicine Center and it's flagship program, The Executive Health Program. Additionally he developed The Cardiac Rehabiltation Program at Scripps with extensions to Scripps Satelites throughout Southern California. He served as consultant assisting design and start-up of client-specific exercise programs, including the Princess Cruise Lines, Canyon Ranch resorts and Loma Linda University School of Medicine. A certified "Program Director," of the American College of Sports Medicine, the highest Industry standard, Mr. Johnson lectured to professional organizations including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and graduate students while in California.

The Benefits of Health Promotion in the Workplace

A resident of Vero Beach, Florida, Robert Davis Johnson has considerable experience in applied sports medicine. He has directed health and fitness programs at various institutions, including San Diego State University and Duke University. While pursuing studies in public health and psychology in Harvard University’s graduate school extension program, Robert D. Johnson devoted attention to the effectiveness of health promotion in the workplace.

Workplace health programs make use of a variety of resources that help meet the safety and health needs of employees. They may include health education classes, memberships at local fitness centers, and health insurance coverage for preventive care. In addition, a company may implement policies to encourage healthier behavior. These may include prohibiting tobacco use. The company may also provide healthy foods in cafeterias and vending machines.

Health promotion in the workplace can prove beneficial for employees as well as organizations. In addition to improving employees’ health and limiting their risk of developing future medical conditions, programs of this kind can increase elf-image, well-being, and job satisfaction. Employees may also spend less money on health care services as a result of adopting healthier habits. Furthermore, employers benefit when health promotion programs contribute to improving workplace productivity and decreasing the frequency of employee absenteeism. Ultimately, health promotion has the potential to create a more supportive work environment and improve employee morale.

Weight Training Programs for Triathletes

Robert Johnson Assists Triathlete Reach Beijing Olympic Trials

A Vero Beach, Florida resident, Robert Davis Johnson, a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, former Director of Preventive Medicine @ Scripps Clinic & Research Foundation, La Jolla, CA and similar post at Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC served on consulting teams in the development of institutional fitness programs at Duke Energy, Duke University, Harvard Business School, The Houstonian Institute, Canyon Ranch Resorts and The Princess Cruise Lines among his career projects. Mr. Johnson, a former Elite Amateur Triathlete himself with multiple representations for TEAM USA competing in World Championships also embraces Human Performance applications of his profession, providing multi-sport coaching to triathletes of varying skill levels ranging from novice, amateur, elite, Junior National and a few with Olympic aspirations.

One example of Robert Johnson's coaching prowess occurred in the year leading up to the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing. Mr. Johnson offered his expertise to a professional triathlete, a friend from Jacksonville, FL. At the invitation of the chief exercise physiologist and human performance lab director at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Mr. Johnson observed both laboratory run-testing of both altitude and simulated sea level maximal testing and tolerance, observed swimming practices and himself (20+ years older) participated in some of his client’s cycling training sessions. In response to the athlete’s feedback and inquiry of advice, Mr. Johnson offered specific recommendations to tweak his training and racing leading to the US Olympic Trials in Tuscaloosa, AL in Spring, 2008.

Though Mr. Johnson unfortunately underwent acute microscopic back surgery two months prior, he insisted on being at the Trials for his client striving to Finish in the TOP 3 to make TEAM USA and compete in Beijing. His friend and client (at no charge) delivered an extraordinary performance, taking the lead within a group of four premier athletes out of the water and breaking away from the field during the cycling stage of the race. Though his client's running training fell short of plan due to injury and illness, his friend was mentally prepared and motivated to stretch beyond and had perhaps the defining performance of his excellent career, though a gut-wrenching finish at the tape- a fourth place finish by merely 3 seconds away from finishing in third place top 3 and an Olympic experience. While the client/friend didn't live the opportunity to compete for USA at the Beijing Games, true to his character he accepted the results gracefully with sportsmanship and retained his dream and moved forward with his career.

The State of Florida Association of Police Athletic Activities League

An accomplished fitness professional based in Vero Beach, Florida, Robert D. Johnson has extensive experience in applied sports medicine and physiology. In addition to providing multisport coaching to both novice and experienced triathletes, he has embraced team sport coaching as well as he vehemently believes in "life lessons" experienced and taught particularly in empowering youth in their character development. A few samples of these efforts include Little League Baseball in San Diego, CA, High School Football in Dedham, MA and more recently as Head Coach, Men's & Women's Varsity Cross Country at St. Edward's School, Vero beach, FL. A resident of Vero each, Robert Johnson supports a number of local organizations including the State of Florida Association of Police Athletic/Activities League (SFAPAL).

Established in 1983 with the union of five local chapters, SFAPAL provides athletic and educational programs for Florida youth, working to provide healthy, positive weekend and after-school activities. With a total of 52 member cities across Florida, the organization also works to foster mutual understanding between youth and police officers, and it has served as an example for statewide PAL associations across the United States.
SFAPAL chapters offer youth programs, including basketball, football, track and field, boxing, and cheerleading, and the organization regularly hosts statewide tournaments for its athletic programs. A number of chapters also facilitate after-school programs that may include technology courses, SAT preparation, and character development activities. In 2010, SFAPAL added a youth mentoring and drop-out prevention program to its offerings.

Made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention, the program connects youth with volunteer mentors who serve as trusted, supportive role models and engage in a variety of fun, enriching group and one-on-one activities.

Understanding Cardiac Rehabilitation

Robert Johnson, a Vero Beach, Florida-based fitness executive with a background in exercise physiology, currently manages Stealth Self Health. Prior to his work with the Vero Beach-based company, Robert Johnson served as chief clinical exercise physiologist at the Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, where he designed cardiac rehabilitation programs.

After a patient suffers a heart attack or undergoes heart surgery, he or she will likely undertake a cardiac rehabilitation program that emphasizes physical exercise. These exercises can start immediately following a procedure and might involve something as simple as trying to sit up. Later, practitioners may encourage a patient to begin walking.

Over time, the exercises become more complex, helping patients regain their range of motion. Once discharged from the hospital, patients often continue their rehabilitation by regularly visiting a rehabilitation center, where they work in concert with doctors and physical therapists to develop an exercise regimen.

The relationship between patient and rehabilitation center lasts for several months. Exercise regimens can reduce the risk of cardiac issues ranging from heart attack to chest pain, and therefore it is important that patients follow through on exercise prescribed by their doctors.

Choosing a Personal Trainer

A long-time fitness professional from Vero Beach, Florida, Robert Johnson has headed Stealth Self Health for the last five years. Prior to founding his business in Vero Beach, Robert Johnson pioneered the concept of the personal trainer during his time as chief exercise physiologist for The Houstonian Institute.

When looking to lose weight or maintain their fitness, many people hire a personal trainer. However, before choosing a trainer, you should ask the following questions:

Are they certified?

Every personal trainer should have certification. To obtain certification, prospective personal trainers must pass an exam through any number of accredited fitness organizations, including the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) or The American Council on Exercise (ACE). Certification from these organizations ensures that personal trainers are well-versed in their area of fitness expertise.

What kind of coach are they?

It is important to choose a personal trainer that fits your workout style. Some people seek trainers who give encouragement during sessions, while others prefer trainers with a more intense, drill sergeant style of coaching. Look at a potential trainer’s personality to see if you will work comfortably together.

What can you afford?

Every trainer offers different rates---sometimes hundreds of dollars for an hour-long session. Don’t blow your budget on a personal trainer you can’t afford. Even if you can’t hire the most expensive trainer, make sure the one you pick meets both your coaching criteria and your budget.

National Mentoring Grants at Florida PAL

Over the course of his applied sports medicine career Robert Johnson Vero Beach has established himself as a dedicated community supporter. Robert Johnson Vero Beach supports Florida Police Athletic/Activities Leagues (PAL), a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of youth in Florida.

To accomplish its mission, Florida PAL established a youth mentoring and dropout prevention program. Thanks to funding from the United States Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention, Florida PAL matches volunteer mentors with youth in their communities. Over a period of 10 months, mentors meet with their mentees for at least one hour per week, during which time they participate in individual and group activities.

According to numerous studies on the effects of mentoring, children and teens who develop trusting relationships with adults have a significantly reduced risk of alcohol abuse, first-time drug use, and drops in academic performance. To learn more about mentoring opportunities at Florida Police Athletic/Activities Leagues, visit the official website at

Different Materials of Triathlon Bike Frames

A resident of Vero Beach, Florida, Robert Johnson spent six years running Yankiwi Sport, LLC, a scientifically based multi-sport coaching service primarily serving athletes of all abilities competing in triathlons of all distances. Robert Johnson is a charter client and 25-year supporter of Bicycle Sport, Inc., a Vero Beach business that carries over 50 brands of triathlon bike frames and complete setups. Triathlon bike frames are normally made of steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, or titanium.

Finding the right bicycle for a triathlon depends on the distance you plan on riding, your weight, and how much you plan to ride. Aluminum frames tend to be light and stiff, while steel has shock absorbency and can be more comfortable for longer distances, like the Ironman. Carbon fiber is regarded as the most comfortable material available for people who may have joint problems, but it isn’t as powerful as some of the other racing bikes. Titanium is lighter than steel, permeable on rough roads, and relatively durable.

Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

In over 35 years as a health and fitness professional, Robert Johnson of Vero Beach, Florida, has coached and trained people of all levels of fitness, from beginners to elite triathletes. Robert Johnson is the owner and leader of Stealth Self Health in Vero Beach.

Personal trainers help to coach and educate people about the capabilities of their bodies. Fitness professionals possess the knowledge to help others design safe and effective exercise programs to reach health and fitness goals.

For most, hiring a personal trainer can help to provide motivation, encouragement, and accountability to begin and maintain an exercise routine. Coaching from a personal trainer also provides safety to gym-goers. Trainers will teach correct form for exercises and the proper way to use fitness equipment in the gym. They can supervise, assist, and give feedback to make time spent working out as efficient as possible.

Those rehabilitating from injuries and those training with conditions--such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis--that make exercise more challenging can greatly benefit from hiring a personal trainer as well. Elite athletes often work with a personal trainer in the off season to maintain and improve their competitive edge.

Riverside Theater Prepares for 2016-2017 Show Season

A Vero Beach, Florida health-and-fitness executive, Robert Johnson leads Stealth Self Health with some three decades of experience. Robert Johnson is also a member and a supporter of Vero Beach’s Riverside Theater, which will soon begin its 2016-2017 show season.

Riverside’s talented resident staff joins with a menagerie of professional directors, actors, and musicians for its upcoming show season, and will produce five shows from regional theatres, off-Broadway, and Broadway. The team works with a single unified goal of delivering the most compelling theatrical experience possible. Running from October 25, 2016 to April 30, 2017, the upcoming season’s production list will include Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash, Chicago: The Musical, Private Lives, Mame, and Songs from the Beegees: Saturday Night Fever.

Members of the public can purchase ticket passes that offer all five productions in a single package deal. Packages for three or four shows are also available. Additional benefits for season ticket holders range from better seating selection to backstage passes and waived fees for ticket date changes. Furthermore, season ticket holders also receive discounts of up to 20 percent and the option for early renewal for season passes. Prices for season ticket passes vary between $84 and $294, depending upon seating and number of shows included in the package. Single tickets go on sale to the public on July 6, 2016.

For more information on the 2016-2017 ticket season, visit

The Florida PAL Specialty License Tag Campaign

A health and fitness executive with experience in personalized multi-sport coaching, Robert Johnson is the head of Stealth Self Health in Vero Beach, Florida. A strong supporter of the community, Robert Johnson of Vero Beach has previously supported the Florida Police Athletics-Activities League (Florida PAL).

Florida PAL is a non-profit organization that puts together law enforcement officers, caring volunteers, and mentors together to encourage children to build better habits through character-building activities. The organization began a campaign seeking donations to improve their juvenile delinquency prevention program. Through selling specialty license tags, donors will be able to invest directly in a child’s future.

Proceeds from the sale of these tags will directly fund the State of Florida Association of Police Athletic Leagues scholarships for college students, while also funding other programs such as after school leadership training, community service, and sports including basketball, football, and boxing.

Research has shown that trusting relationships with adults and mentoring programs reduce the instances of first time alcohol usage by over 30% and first time drug usage by close to 50%. Additionally, mentored youth are more confident in school and achieve higher academic performance. Through these activities, Florida children will be empowered to achieve success in school and in life.

Exercise for Post-Stroke Recovery

In addition to operating Stealth Self Health, Robert Johnson of Vero Beach has a health and wellness background spanning several decades. Over the course of his career, Robert Johnson has taught others the importance of exercise physiology.

Exercise for post-stroke patients can be very important to recovery. Aerobic movement is indicated in functional outcomes after a patient suffers a stroke. There are several studies that demonstrate effective training in the post-stroke period is beneficial for patients and, with proper monitoring, management, and oversight, exercise by post-stroke patients is feasible and safe.

Fitness programs that incorporate elements of walking, mobility and balance have positively affected the cardiorespiratory fitness for post-stroke patients. The increased cardiorespiratory fitness affects the neuromuscular wellness of post-stroke patients. As clinicians gain a better understanding of strokes and the optimal steps for a good recovery, clinicians are more likely to incorporate aerobic training into their treatment plans to increase the likelihood of functional outcomes for stroke survivors. A multi-system recovery treatment plan that addresses cardiovascular and neuromuscular fitness is ideal for patients recovering from stroke.

Florida Police Athletic/Activities League Helps Youth Relate to Cops

Robert Johnson, Vero Beach, Florida business owner, operates Stealth Self Health. As an involved community member, Robert Johnson aids his area by supporting the Florida Police Athletic/Activities League and other fine nonprofit.

The Florida Police Athletic/Activities League was formed by a partnership of five Florida police departments. The officers sought to bring youth and police together for fun, education, and athletics on a statewide level, hoping to improve relations and reduce juvenile crime.

Today, 52 Florida cities participate in SFAPAL. In addition to hosting an array of beneficial programs in their communities, these member cities come together to host the annual One Day Youth Rally. Created as an opportunity for youth and police to support each other, the goal of the rally is to improve communication and understanding between the two groups. SFAPAL hopes that other states will follow their lead and create programs like the One Day Youth Rally across America.

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