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Robert M Pope New London CT

There are many different people with different ideologies and cultures, which means that it can often be hard to completely understand each other. The drawback can be that you don't get along with certain people as easily as others. It is God's will to remain close with your fellow man, and that it is part of your overall development that will get each individual ready for their eventual trip to heaven. God meant for you to appreciate the differences in people, enjoying them rather than finding them disagreeable. Robert does so using modern age technology and methods to reach a wider audience overall and unite people all around the world using the wonderful advent of the internet. It is people that test your faith that you should make the most effort to relate to, as everyone can find a common ground.

It is important for humans to stay intimate with each other and remember that we all share the same Earth, and all will end up in the same place when we pass away. Good will towards man is something that isn't achieved without effort, something that goes doubly when it comes to trying to relate to others. The internet is also great for another thing, for improving relationships, between people both close and far away.

Robert M Pope New London CT says that he himself makes an effort everyday to reach out to someone new, improving both his life and hopefully theirs as well. He is a spiritual man who now devotes most of his time to helping the Church and spreading the word of God to the furthest reaches of the world.

Conditions of Modern Worship

The Church has become different, much larger and versatile to accommodate the coming technology that is so ubiquitous today. The modern day invention of the internet was so impactful that no area of human life was left unaffected. It is God's will to use this new technology to deliver His message in a way that it never has been before. The Church encourages utilizing technology for the purpose of spreading God's word, as it is simply a new avenue for an old method, one that makes God's grace more accessible than ever because anybody with internet access can hear a sermon. Instead of avoiding or abhorring the change of the internet the church has embraced it, adapting in a way that allows the Church to spread the message faster and more effectively than ever. This power has made the Church's mission more realizable than ever, to educate everyone in the world about the power of God and everything that He gives freely.

The adaptation of the Church to remain modern for the youth of today is something that was a conscious decision. The Church accepts the internet because it believes it is an advent of God, something that gives the Church and the preachers within to share the message directly via video and uploads.

Robert M Pope is a New London resident who has now dedicated himself to the mission of God, spreading His word and growth through the Church. He says that he has always been close to the Church, which has an influence on him dedicating his free time to aiding it. He says that it is a very rewarding and fulfilling task, but something that has drastically changed from when he was growing up.

Robert M Pope New London CT

Improving Prayer to Improve your Life

Praying is something you should do faithfully, which will result in fulfilling God's grace, and experiencing the abundance of pleasures that life has to offer. In life, we are always trying to connect with others, and one of the fastest ways to do so is by simply holding a conversation with the other person. The same is true when speaking about God, the best way to get intimate with him is to speak with him through prayer.

Prayer also exhibits a sense of selflessness and altruism that God loves and favors when you pray for others. God loves commitment, especially to prayer, and that a routine is the easiest way to achieve daily prayer. You should try to pray daily because of how close and intimate it can get you with God, as every day the relationship grows and flourishes. A prayer is a powerful tool one that can be used not just to deliver requests to God, but to develop a stronger relationship with him.

Truly understanding God is a lifetime affair, something that can never be accomplished, but always be chased and improved upon. Preaches constantly the power of prayer, not just to heal, but to spiritually uplift and to help you evolve and grow as a person of God.

Robert M Pope of New London CT has now dedicated himself fully to interpreting and understanding the word and will of God. He helps others find the best way to pray in their lives so they may be able to have some of the benefits that prayer gives others.

Learning God's Grace in Life

God designed us in a way so that our lives on Earth would prepare us for a higher plane of existence afterward, one that will unify us all into an eternal paradise. Being kind and pure hearted is not just something we should strive for in the image of yourself, but in your mind as well. This inevitable merger with God is something that all of humanity should be preparing for, and the sole purpose of our life on Earth.

The Bible teaches that man and woman were sculpted in God's image because eventually He wanted us to take our place among Him as a friend. God had to prepare us for this because it is would be too much all at once to be thrown in all at the same time. All of this is possible because God sculpted man and woman in His image, which gives us the ability to learn and grow and become greater than what we are. There is so much to explore in the universe, and that the human mind and intellect is expanding so much every day, growing more rapidly to understand things that we previously never could have even fathomed.

Robert M Pope New London CT has spent many of his days of leisure studying the grace and power of God. As a spiritual man, it has become his sole duty in life to develop an intimate and closer relationship with God. This will help expand his understanding and other's understanding of consciousness and the universe as a whole.

Robert M Pope New London CT

How to Get Closer to your Family and Friends

Some of man's greatest accomplishments are things that required teamwork to produce, which is one of the many hints God leaves us in life to teach us how to live properly. Getting closer to your friends and family is an important aspect of your life, and you should do well to heed it.

One of the most amazing things about the Church is its ability to bring people together, to unify them collectively and steer them towards a similar goal. God has a reason and a plan for everything. Though your goals in life may change, the power to make it happen will always remain the same. People have now learned the power of coming together to achieve one cause and believe the Church will be successful in its mission to spread the word as its members work together to do so. It is up to groups like the Church to show communities just what they are capable of accomplishing if they work together, and all have one encompassing goal to achieve. This helps to bring you closer to those around you.

Robert M Pope of New London CT now spends all of his free time helping the local church spreading the gospel of God. He says that he has witnessed some of the most amazing accomplishments that have resulted from teamwork. He says that he has never had a more fulfilling career than his time serving the Church, as it has taught him so many things that have made him a better person.

Robert M Pope New London CT

Robert M. Pope’s Hometown of New London, CT Boasts Finest Deep Water Harbor

Fort Trumbull, which fell to the British due to Benedict Arnold’s treachery in the Revolutionary War, is an important part of the naval history of New London, CT. From Trumbull’s beginnings as an earthwork in the Revolutionary War, the second Ft. Trumbull was rebuilt in 1839 and is still in use today. When new defenses were erected on Fishers Island in Long Island Sound, Fort Trumbull became the Revenue Cutter Academy, later to be part of the US Coast Guard. In World War II the training school of the Merchant Marine was at Fort Trumbull, and for 40 years in the 20th century, the Naval Underwater Sound Laboratory, developer of sonar systems for US submarines, was based at Fort Trumbull.

The naval facilities today at New London Harbor include The Coast Guard Station New London, which is the home port for US Coast Guard Cutter Chinook and the proud tall ship of the Coast Guard fleet, Eagle, often viewed by Robert M. Pope on his frequent visits to New London Harbor, which has the finest deep water harbor available along the Connecticut coast of Long Island Sound.

New London, CT originally boasted a much larger land area. From New London, the cities of Groton, Ledyard, Montville, Salem, Waterford and East Lyme have all arisen over time, while Fishers Island, originally a Connecticut municipality, became part of New York in 1879. Effectively one-half of New London’s area today is water, rendering today’s New London one of the smallest cities in Connecticut, though still much beloved by Robert M. Pope. For More Information Visit at

Robert M Pope New London CT

Donating to The church with Time and Money

Helping the Church isn't just good for getting the message across or meeting new people, but it helps people of all kinds grow as they attempts to get a firmer grasp on the complex power of the Lord. Dedicating yourself to the Church is not just an opportunity for you, but for the people around you to grow and learn of God's love. Giving your life to something higher than yourself is very rewarding, and that being a part of the Church. A more fulfilled life is one lived for the Church. People often hold meetings and conferences, devise strategies, and find new ways to spread the word of God to the community at large. People who donate both time and money to the church see just what kind of good things can come out of it.

Robert M Pope New London CT has now turned his attention to the needs of the Church and its message to spread the message of God's love. He says that he loves working for the Church because it has fulfilled him in a way that he has never known before. He says that working for the Church has been one of the best decision he has ever done and that he couldn't imagine where he would be right now had he not done them that decision. He believes that his work not only gets him closer to God but to the community and people around him as well.

Robert M Pope New London CT

Robert M. Pope of New London, CT Endured the Painful Separations of the Military Brat

The entire military family is engaged in military life, and it changes who they are. Robert M. Pope endured the constant goodbyes, and the hopeful and joyous hellos, as his father, a Naval officer, was often called away on short cruises or was out to sea for long periods. Enduring the pain of separations is painful and an exercise in hurt. The child is aware of the physical pain of the constant training the parent goes through, the foot blisters, the aching muscles, and the sleeplessness.

Robert M. Pope also had to learn the loneliness and yearning of birthdays, graduations and holidays without his Dad, and the frantic and anxious attempts to make up for those missing days when his Dad came back into port. Robert saw the loneliness of his Mom, and other military moms, and that feeling of abandonment when there was no one to come to Dad’s night at school. Robert M Pope New London CT’s Dad was enlisted at the time of the Vietnam War, and he volunteered for the river boats in the jungle delta waterways. Expecting to die in Vietnam, Officer Pope worked to adopt Robert from oversees, wanting to ensure that his wife and adopted son would be cared for if the worst should happen.

Duty on the patrol boats, or Patrol Boat River (PBR), was a designation of the Navy for the rigid-hulled patrol boats used in the sloughs of the Mekong Delta, and others, of Vietnam, from approximately 1966 to the end of United States Vietnam involvement in 1971.

Robert M. Pope of New London, CT Chooses Local School Porter & Chester Institute

Porter & Chester Technical Institute of Connecticut and Massachusetts, the chosen institution of technical education of Robert M. Pope for his post-secondary education, now offers Computer Aided Drafting & Design, Automotive Technology, Computer Technology, Electrician and Electronic Systems Technician programs, along with HVACR instruction in either day or evening classes. Other skill programs include Health Specialist, Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant and Nursing.

Robert M. Pope of New London, CT also considered Central Connecticut State University for his continuing education. Located in New Britain, Connecticut, CCSU started life as Connecticut Normal School in 1849, a publicly funded university. CCSU combines the Ammon College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, a School of Business, a School of Education and a School of Engineering, Science and Technology. Robert M. Pope could also have attained his education in architectural drafting at CCSU, which is part of the Connecticut State University system. Central Connecticut is a school which caters to commuters, as the overwhelming majority of its enrollees are in-state students, such as Robert M. Pope.

Central Connecticut State features popular Bachelor’s programs in business, marketing, education, engineering, communications, English and biology. Computer information systems and the visual and performing arts also are available as bachelor’s programs. CCSU has an excellent teacher to student ratio, with nearly half of its classes averaging 20:1. Engineering technology, of particular interest to Robert M. Pope, as well as information technology and education, are available among other programs for graduate study. CCSU is regarded as one of 16 Leadership Institutions, with an outstanding Honors Program.

Robert M Pope New London CT

Robert M. Pope Could Have Lost a Father During the Vietnam War

Emboldened by the failure of U.S. forces to bring a quick end to the Vietnam conflict and the failure of a U.S. bombing campaign against the North, North Vietnam military strategists opted to follow the foreign policy espoused by China, which insisted on the reunification of the country via military efforts and a refusal to negotiate with the U.S. for a peaceful end to the conflict. Militant adherents of the Chinese approach centered their efforts on large scale military actions as opposed to a long-term guerrilla war. North Vietnam leaders felt, at the end of 1967, that U.S. forces could only be worn down by ‘fighting while talking’, a war of wills. Robert M. Pope knew nothing of these strategies, as a child watching his father go off to Vietnam.

Thus was the resolution to pursue a major surprise offensive cemented in North Vietnam. The hope was that the unpopularity of U.S. presence and with the current South Vietnamese government would push the South’s population over the edge and send them into rebellion in the wake of a major Northern offensive, breaking the conflict deadlock. More moderate Northern politicians had lesser goals: an end to the bombings of the North by U.S. Air Forces. Manpower and armament brought to bear for Tet included 81,000 tons of supplies, 200,000 troops, and the re-arming of the Viet Cong with new AK-47’s and grenade launchers. Total communist forces in January of 1968 were estimated at 323,000 men, with some 20 anti-aircraft artillery units. The arrogance and assumptions of U.S. military leaders worked against Southern forces like Robert M Pope New London CT father on the Mekong Delta, as American military strategists refused to believe that the North could carry out a large scale assault operation.

Robert M Pope New London CT