Robert N Martinelli

Robert N. Martinelli: Active Community Member and Small Business Owner

About Robert N Martinelli

Small business owner and Registered Investment Advisor Robert N. Martinelli spends his free time volunteering for various nonprofit organizations and charities. Among these groups are The Society of Financial Awareness (SOFA) and the Richness of Life Institute. Through SOFA, Robert N. Martinelli leads workplace seminars on money management and financial planning for the employees of corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit groups. At the Richness of Life Institute, he provides financial education to couples and individuals nearing retirement age.

At work, Robert N. Martinelli is equally devoted to providing sound financial advice and guidance to his clients, serving as the founding principal of Guardian Wealth Advisors. At the firm, he has established a reputation for delivering honest, ethical services and counsel and for offering a comprehensive approach to sound financial management. Guardian Wealth Advisors offers three effective, customizable plans in particular: the Family Harvest Process, Retired Planning, and Net Planning.

Before working in the financial industry, Robert N. Martinelli earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Queens College of The City University of New York.

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