Robert Palano

Robert Palano of the Buffalo, New York Area

About Robert Palano

Active community member Robert Palano lived and worked in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls area of western New York. Within the region, Robert Palano use to donates his time and resources to several organizations, among them the Clarence Girls’ Softball League. As a girls’ softball coach, he taught fundamental ball-playing skills to young women and led a winning team.

Robert Palano maintains a long history of involvement with local faith-based institutions, as well. He used to participate in Project Lee Ministries, a youth development non-profit organization, and Love Joy Church, a Pentecostal church based in Lancaster, New York. At Love Joy Church, Mr. Palano has contributed to local and international ministries that spread the Word of God and bring peace and support to persons living in poverty. Love Joy maintains a number of ministries, including one that ministers to the area’s urban-based citizens and one that conducts services and prayer meetings at local prisons.

Professionally, Robert Palano works in asset acquisition and management for a local business. As a supervisor, he ensures his company’s portfolio assets meet high standards. He has also written three books on investing in real property assets.

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