Ms. Robertson's 6th Grade News

Week of 1/9-1/13

Information Disclaimer

If your child has me for reading, please regard my reading section only. The same goes for social studies and homeroom. Although the other reading and social studies teachers and I are following the same pacing guides, we are not always on the same lesson or project on the same day. Please let your child's other teachers inform you of their individual plans.

Homeroom Information

PTA Spirit Nights: Rainbow Spirit Nights 2017-2.pdf

Running club will not begin until after spring break.

We will have a 6th grade field trip to DMS on Friday as an intro to middle school. If you have not turned in the permission slip, please do so.

At the end of each day, we have homeroom drop off, where students can drop things in their cubbies that they don't need at home that night. There is NO reason your child should be bringing home a 20lb bag.

Attendance Disclaimer

Students are to be ON CAMPUS at 7:30. At 7:40, our instructional day is to start. Teachers are to lock our doors and take attendance. This means even though your child is in the building at 7:40, they are still late to class. They will be sent to the office and will be counted as tardy.

Social Studies

We are studying the Great Depression.


We are testing on Unit 4 this week.

We have discussed some expectations for the writing portions of the unit test. They are listed below. Discuss them with your child and make sure they are implementing them when doing writing assessments.

1. Complete sentences. No run-ons.
2. More than one sentence is required! If you give a one sentence answer, you will not receive credit.
3. Correct punctuation and capitalization should be used at all times.
4. Provide text evidence and details! They should be accurate and explicit.


Discuss the following rules with your children. These are the rules in 6th grade. All teachers will expect each rule to be followed each day in class. If a student fails to follow these rules, they will receive an X on their bucket list. This will result in a behavior reflection at recess. Rewards and incentives will be given to children with NO Xs on their list at the end of 9 weeks.

  •   Follow directions quickly. Ask questions when you don’t understand. Be open to change.
  • Treat your classmates, yourself, and your teacher with RESPECT, even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Be KIND to EVERYONE. Resolve any conflicts peacefully.
  • Do your BEST WORK all the time. Be PREPARED.
  • HELP anyone that looks like they could use a hand.
  • In the hallway, students are expected to walk in a straight line. School-wide, we are expected not to talk in the hallway, as other classes are going on at all times and we travel through the 1st grade and kindergarten hallways on our way through the building.

    Respect is something to be earned, not just given. Remind the students to respect themselves, their peers, and their teachers.


    Thank you to those of you who have sent in materials and supplies! They will go to good use!!

    I would love the following items:
    Kleenex brand tissues
    hand sanitizer
    paper towels

    Thank you for sending in supplies if you have! Every little bit counts!

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