Robert Sungenis

Catholic Apologist, Author, and Movie Producer

About Robert Sungenis

A respected author and lecturer, Robert Sungenis has led Catholic Apologetics International Publishing, Inc., for the past two decades. His nonprofit company has published 20 books and numerous articles, with an emphasis on religious, cultural, and political debates affecting the Catholic Church. Robert Sungenis’ three-volume work, titled Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right, provides an in-depth examination of scientific evidence supporting geocentrism, which holds the Earth as the universe’s immobile center. He has also authored six volumes of The Catholic Apologetics Study Bible, with each book focusing on a specific section of the Bible (such as volume three, The Epistles of Romans and James). He is now on a project to complete the whole New Testament in the next five years.Since 2011, Robert Sungenis has also led Stellar Motion Pictures, LLC, as manager and executive producer. His company is currently working toward completion of the film The Principle, with an expected release date of March 2014. Bob Sungenis has participated in a number of high-profile public debates over the years, in addition to appearing on CNN and BBC television and radio programs. In 2006, he appeared on BBC’s The Today Programme, which presented an informed debate on modern cosmology.

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