Robert Zakian Arizona

Principal of Guardian Wealth Management, Comprehensive Financial Services including Global Wealth Management

About Robert Zakian Arizona

Robert Zakian, a financial-planning advisor based in Arizona, enhances his professional qualifications through a number of industry memberships. He is currently a member of the Financial Planning Association, the National Ethics Association, and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.

Twenty years ago, Robert Zakian began Guardian Wealth Management, a nationwide financial planning and advisory firm in Scottsdale, Arizona. He presently operates the firm as its principal founder and plays a prominent role in its client relations and fiduciary guidance. Through Guardian Wealth Management, he develops and implements long-term financial plans for clients who integrate the legal, insurance, investment, and tax domains. Some of the unique comprehensive financial-planning strategies he has created and refined include "Retired Planning," the "Full Harvest Process," and "Net Planning."

Outside of his business goals, Robert Zakian demonstrates an enduring commitment to public service initiatives. In recent years, he has actively supported a number of charitable and cultural entities with chapters in Arizona, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Salvation Army, the Special Olympics, and the United Service Organization. He additionally serves as Community Board Member and Planned Giving Chairperson for the Phoenix Girls Chorus. Some of the responsibilities Mr. Zakian holds as part of his appointment include inspiring and coordinating financial contributions through corporate sponsorship, trusts, wills, and other organized gift mediums.

Robert Zakian enjoys reading, cart racing, golf, and hiking during his unoccupied time. Prior to his involvement with Guardian Wealth Management, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Queens College in Bayside, New York. 

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