Summer Session 1

The first day of class was very interesting and I cannot wait to find out more. This is actually my first time using Tackk and I feel as though this is a good tool that could be used within a classroom. The process of creating my Tackk account was very harmless and simple.

Introduction to Physical Education

Over the past couple of days, I have learned a lot about different presentation programs, such as google presentation and haikudeck. I browsed a couple of the sites introduced in class but I found haikudeck to be more beneficial and also just something new and different. I can certainly see how I could incorporate haikudeck into some of my lesson planning and maybe even in instruction for my physical education class. Children love to see pictures and a lot of different visual objects and incorporating pictures into your presentation backgrounds with limited amounts of text is excellent!

Overview on Bones of the Body


Creating an Edmodo account and learning the different aspects about Edmodo was very interesting and I had a lot of fun exploring the site. I feel that I could use Edmodo with my older students as a way to collaborate, since technology is becoming more and more popular. It seems like an easy and familiar site for the children to understand. I like the fact that it is familiar to Facebook because a lot of kids get on Facebook and it would be easy to navigate. I don't however like the fact that you have to constantly refresh your page to get the notifications, but other than that I haven't found too much wrong with Edmodo.

Mind Map/Concept Map on Increasing Physical Fitness in Children

Increasing Physical Fitness in Children

The concept map that I chose to use for this assignment was Popplet. I chose this site because it seemed very interesting when introduced, so  I decided to give it a try and I loved it! During this assignment, I found out that Popplet works better on the IPad than the web. However, I enjoyed using Popplet along with all of its aspects. I stayed longer than everyone else after class ended to try and add more information to my mind map. I became so caught up in getting everything into my mind map and I enjoyed the fact that I could add pictures to it as well. I did have quite a bit of trouble trying to upload my Popplet to my Tackk account for the simple fact, I cannot get it to sign in on the web. Therefore, I had to download the app on my IPad and upload it that way. I still do no know how to get the full concept map online. The picture here is simply a saved copy  of the Popplet.

Physical Education Exam I

My Digital Story

A story about leading my siblings onto the correct path.

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