Accounting and Property Management Professional Robin Habacht

Robin Habacht recently spent nearly a decade as director of operations and chief financial officer of Monticello Management, Inc. in Matawan, New Jersey. Also the founder of that property management firm, Habacht handled SEC 10K compliance, utilized GAAP/AICPA principles for internal controls, and negotiated contracts. Some of her other duties ranged from financial reporting and risk management to business planning and trend analysis. Before starting this company, Robin Habacht had earned a master of business administration from Wagner College and gained experience in international and domestic financial operations with for-profit and public entities.

In addition to running the company, Habacht provided her insights to The New Jersey Cooperator, a monthly publication dedicated to condominiums, homeowners associations, and co-ops. These articles have enabled her to advise other property owners on various issues, including about the importance of communication. Regular feedback from tenants and customers allows managers to improve their services and better aid their clients while building goodwill. Superior communication can also enhance internal operations, such as when a veteran board member passes on information to new members.

For potential decisions that will financially affect owners, Robin Habacht suggests conducting an information campaign well in advance of the decision so that individuals can have their say and feel part of the process. Additionally, she notices that many property owners fail to switch management companies due to their dislike of change but highlights the importance of transitioning to a new organization for the sake of the business's health.

# Robin Habacht, Finance Management Professional, Executive