Robin Janzen, Calgary

Robin Janzen of Coverity - A Synopsys Company

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Robin Janzen currently serves as the global account manager for Royal Dutch Shell at Coverity - A Synopsys Company. A former senior marketing consultant with Verity, Janzen manages the relationship between the oil and gas conglomerate and the global provider of software testing and security solutions. Among her duties are developing strategies, running discovery sessions, and reflecting the needs of Shell to her company. Additionally, Robin Janzen creates sales forecasts that take into account customer satisfaction and revenue achievements.

During her spare time, Janzen enjoys the scenic beauty of Calgary by exercising, taking her dogs for walks, and relaxing in the outdoors. Continuing a family tradition, she also builds hot rods and rat rods. Since she was a child, she has played baseball and presently contributes her services to local sports organizations. Some of her other pursuits include basketball, track and field, and volleyball.

Robin Janzen also enjoys traveling beyond Calgary. A fan of boutique hotels, she has visited France, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Copenhagen, as well as several places in the United States. These experiences also enable her to try new foods and collect wines, two of her favorite hobbies.