All You Need To Know About Robotic Welding Systems

In the manufacturing and fabrication world, productive and quality work equal profitability. Remaining competitive is not that easy, companies need to work the hardest and continually to look for new ways to increase their production and minimize the defects, while keeping their labor and parts costs as lower as possible. One of the latest and most attractive ways to achieve all those goals is using robotic welding systems, regardless of whether you are involved in a small or large-scale manufacturing facility.

Making the decision to implement robotic welding systems requires a thorough planning and a good considerations in order the systems to function most efficiently and productively. On top of all, these systems require a major investment. But on the positive side, robotic welding systems provide a plenty of long-term benefits for your company. If you have already invested in robotic welding systems and looking how to improve their operations, you need to know them as much as possible.

While it is known that robotic welding systems are expensive, they are capable of incredibly accurate, quick and efficient welding. The payback you get from these systems is in form of significantly improved productivity and welds of highest quality. Also, robotic welding provides an advantage in labor costs and lower energy consumption. If you are yet to buy robotic welding systems, calculate the payback and how much time it will take. Most companies using these systems expect a complete payback within 15 months maximum.

When buying a robotic welding system, you also need to consider buying a MIG gun, as it is responsible for directing the current to the arc to provide weld. This key component of robotic welding systems needs to be well chosen, in order to ensure best quality and prevent expensive downtime for maintenance, service, repairs or replacement. Choose a robotic MIG gun that is especially suited for the amperage and cooling capacity your application requires. If you use a robotic MIG gun that has an inadequate cooling or amperage, the consequences might be performance loss and premature failure of the systems, which both can lead to downtime and expensive costs.

As with robotic MIG guns, matching your application with the right consumables types is also important to prevent premature failures, costly repairs and decrease in production. When buying welding consumables, consider your welding mode of your robotic welding systems. Another important thing with robotic welding systems is to have well-skilled operators with proper training to learn the robotic weld before start using them. Operators must be familiar with ongoing supervision and maintenance of robotic welding systems in order to ensure proper operation for many years.