The rock cycle

By Kyndall 4th period

The rock cycle can start out with cooling and crystallizing,that's in the earth with temps turned hot enough to make magma. As the magma cools, the crystals grow and form igneous rock. Weathering and erosion wear down rocks, breaking them down to be sediment. Sedimentary is when rocks are moved to one place or another with weathering. A rock can go through metaphorphism if they are exposed to extreme heat or pressure, giving the rock a new form or pattern.


Dolomite os a sedimentary type rock, used in construction, baby powder, face cream, and even toothpaste! It's forms by first crystallizing, as heat rises it begins to form underpressure. It's commonly found in the Midwest USA, In states like California, since tropical areas are perfect for dolomite formation.


Slate is metamorphic rock that is formed by clay or voclcanic ash due to pressure. It only takes a little heat and it will form. It's mostly found in the united kingdom, and used for chalkboards, roof tiles, and floor tiles.  


Basalt is an igneous rock, formed when lava touches water

Basalt has a bee-hive look to it because it once was filled with volcanic gases.

What Basalt without gas bubbles looks like.