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Rockwell Trading: What Type of Trader Are You?

  • Beginners/ Small Accounts Trader: The Trading Club has specifically designed courses and information for day traders who only trade part-time, have limited or no trading experience, and who want trading strategies that are easy to learn and that produce results and are proven to work. The Trading Club has many strategies and plans that are designed to save you time and produce quick results. The Practical Strategies section is perfect for this kind of trader.
  • Baby Boomers/ Retirees: Generally baby boomers and retirees have a larger trading account, possibly from savings accrued over a long career. Retirees and baby boomers don’t want to squander a lifetime’s worth of savings and hard work, so they look for lower risk and slower gains over time. They look for consistent gains, a smooth equity curve. They don’t want to spend their days pouring over data on a computer screen; they want to execute their trades with little effort from anywhere in the world because freedom is important to them. The Practical Gains Section is their focus.
  • Active Traders: The Rockwell Trading Club can be a very valuable add-on service for active traders. Active traders already have some experience in the trading universe, and they may only need to brush up on few topics to add confidence and learn about specific tools and strategies that might help them immediately and some lessons may improve their skills over time.
  • The best companies and the best products are those that when you look at them in retrospect, it would seem that they always should have existed. It always seems simple, but there is often a story of challenges behind it all.

    Rockwell Trading has been in business for the last 10 years, and its founder Markus Heitkoetter often tells the story how he encountered the need for a system like the one he provides in a way that he wasn’t necessarily expecting.

    He had been in the day trading industry for a number of years and was busy perfecting his own personal strategy through trials and tribulations. What he found when he first started was that the work was quite time-consuming in that the availability of information and resources left much to be desired, and doing so in a way that was structured into an executable strategy was just not practical.

    In time, he would leave his daytime job at IBM in order to dedicate himself more to the mission of being the master of his own destiny. He moved from Munich Germany to Austin Texas where he settled in and soon found himself being a leader of peers in the industry and on the Internet.

    Friends and rivals would come to him asking advice on how he was so successful at what he was doing, so he found that the information he could share had an audience. That is when the company would come to be and his goal was to help people learn how to trade from home and achieve their goals through easy to use trading methods and techniques.

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