Rockwell Trading - Stock Trading Tips for Beginners

Trading in stocks has become quite popular for many people over the last decade. In the past stock trading had to be done over the phone with a stock broker, but today that has changed and there are several online discount brokers available where new traders can jump right in and start trading. While stock trading can be exciting, there are certain risks involved, and knowing your risks will help you prepare yourself better for stock trading. Here are a couple of stock trading tips for beginners.

First, research online discount brokers properly before picking one. Online brokers advertise their low commissions; however, that is just one of the things to consider before investing with an online stock broker. When choosing an online broker, look at the user interfaces to see which is easy to understand, and check which customer service options are available to you. Online brokers may make beginner stock trading look simple; however, they should provide relevant services you need.

Second, when you start trading in stock, make sure you use the money you will not require immediately, or at least for the next few years. Do not use the down payment you have reserved for your mortgage for stock trading. Never try to invest money you will need to use for some immediate project in stock trading. When you are starting out with stock trading, use money that you will not require immediately, and moneyyou can afford to lose.

Third, don’t place a buy order before first researching your stock picks. A good idea would be to buy stocks priced within your price range. Choose stocks that is trading with at least 1,000,000 shares per day. You must research well before you go ahead and invest in stocks. For more info:

Rockwell Trading - The Rise of Markus Heitkoetter

Markus Heitkoetter placed his first trading in 1989. He then began trading stocks by creating simple point and figure charts using data printed in the newspaper. While working for IBM in Munich, Germany he continued to trade and test different strategies. As h grew weary of the corporate rat race, he quit his job in 2002 to be a day trader full time. As a trader, he has traded stocks, options, futures, commodities, forex, spreads, and interest rates.

Heitkoetter moved to Austin, Texas, where he settled with his wife and kids. Soon his friends began asking him how he was so successful at day trading and he began to give them tips. More people followed his advice and found success themselves. People began asking him how he did his work. Since Heitkoetter believes in showing rather than telling, he had his friends over to his home office to show them how he did it. Pretty soon, his schedule became filled with people who wanted to know the secret to success in day trading.

With the encouragement of his best friend and his brother, Heitkoetter began writing his advice to day traders down on a website. After some trial runs with other names, he settled on Rockwell Trading, named after the Rockwell Center in Manila in the Philippines. In January of 2005, the website, complete with Heitkoetter’s notes on how to be a successful trader, went live. The rest is history. Heitkoetter published a book on the secrets of trading and other useful advice, called The Simple Strategy, in 2013. The Simple Strategy is the top selling book in its category on