Rodeo Dental

Comprehensive and Enjoyable Oral Health Care in Texas

About Rodeo Dental

At each of its comprehensive oral care facilities located throughout Texas, Rodeo Dental works to ensure that patients not only receive high-quality dental and orthodontics services but also have enjoyable experiences from the moment they walk in to the end of their appointment. To do so, the facilities furnish amenities in their waiting areas that include Xbox 360 game centers and surround-sound theater systems, whereas the treatment areas utilize such modern tools as overhead high-definition television cameras, intra-oral cameras, and electronic handpieces. Rodeo Dental also helps patients address potential anxieties about their oral care through a tour of the respective facility by a personal concierge.

Prior to appointments, Rodeo Dental verifies insurance and benefit coverage, ensuring that clients only have to pay what their insurance will not cover. For those without insurance but who need to find ways to pay for procedures, interest-free payment plans are available. To learn more, or to locate a local Rodeo Dental office, please visit

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