Rodney Tippit Best Marketing Tips

Rodney Tippit is a business marketing professional with more than two decades of experience in the furniture industry. In addition to being a successful leader, Rodney Tippit has a reputation for effective marketing strategies. Through his marketing strategies, he has increased sales volume, gross margin and revenue for companies in less than a year. If you’re new to marketing, the following tips will help you succeed so that you can one day has a reputation like Mr. Tippit’s:

Study the Marketing Environment – Your competitors are a valuable source of knowledge because they allow you to study the current marketing environment. By looking at what works for your competition in the same area and market, you can learn what works and what doesn’t. Additionally, pay attention to external influencing factors, such as new tax laws, that could shift customer habits and opinions.

Immaculate Storefront – When a customer walks into your store, you haven’t won yet. Your storefront and products must prompt a purchase. By keeping your storefront immaculate, you create trust and comfort in your customer. Additionally, you motivate your staff to live up to the image that the storefront presents. Regardless of any other factors, keep your standards high for the appearance of your storefront.

Complaint Response – If you receive a complaint from a customer, you are talking to someone who could slander your business if you handle it poorly. Likewise, if you handle the complaint well, the customer might leave an even better review than other customers. Respond to all complaints promptly and handle them well.

Know the Customers – Get to know your customers so that you can get inside their heads and market in a way that will appeal to them. Understand customer behavior, demographics and desires. Issue surveys, use internet programs and observe in any way that gives you better insight. When you launch a new marketing plan based on what you know of your customers, don’t just wait to see if you profit, conduct a survey on what your customers think. This will help you better refine your approach.

Have a Plan – When you approach marketing with a plan, you’re more likely to succeed, to notice errors and to improve. Research other marketing plans, think about your strategy and design your own approach before launching anything new.

When you look at successful marketing professionals like Rodney Tippit, what you don’t see is that they learned from trial and error. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or start over. The key is to keep learning and, above all, to keep trying until you make it.

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