Roger B. Steppe Jr.

Accomplishments and Education

About Roger B. Steppe Jr.

Since 1985, when he founded Berryman Health, Roger B. Steppe, Jr., has worked as an executive in the healthcare industry. This includes the acquisition of 5 Skilled Nursing Facilities comprised of over 500 beds located in California from 3 in the Sonoma Wine country down to 2 in Whittier. Then it was up to Merced, California where Roger created Anberry Rehabilitation Hospital and Out-Patient Rehabilitation center was developed from the ground up into a regional Nationally recognized CARF Accredited leader in Physical Rehabilitation hospital Services. Later he took a closed unlicensed Ambulatory Surgery Center and Rehabilitated the structure and reincorporated it obtaining a new CMS and State Provider license in Reno, Nevada. Prior to setting out on his career, Roger B. Steppe, Jr. attended Loma Linda University in California, where he studied history and political science. After earning his bachelor’s degree, he enrolled in a Juris Doctorate (JD) program at Western State University College of Law, also in California. He currently manages The Anberry Foundation in Loma Linda. California.
Mr. Steppe applies his unique Department of Justice-DEA registered "Exporter" license for Scheduled 2-5 controlled substances, to provide otherwise un-obtainable medications to Central America, Asia, and Africa. He also provides all necessary logistical services, which can be as critical as the products themselves. Mr. Steppe’s efforts have resulted in providing treatment of patients who live in impoverished lands and have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and acute pain.

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