Roger E Bendelac

Roger E. Bendelac Consults Companies in Emerging Markets

About Roger E Bendelac

A graduate of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques at the University of Paris and Columbia University, Roger E. Bendelac leverages more than three decades of experience in the financial industry. During his extensive career, he has developed an expertise in areas such as private equity, capital markets, and alternative investments. Currently, Roger E. Bendelac focuses his interests on emerging markets, particularly in China and Brazil.

Roger Bendelac began his career in the financial industry in the early 1980s with Oppenheimer & Co. After a successful tenure as senior vice president, Mr. Bendelac left Oppenheimer to join Shearson Lehman Brothers as a Senior Vice President, subsequently he joined Laidlaw Global Securities, where he served as managing director and president. Later, he became the CEO of the securities firm’s parent company, Laidlaw Global Corporation, a then American Stock Exchange listed company.

In 2004, Mr. Bendelac launched a private strategic advising firm in New York and two years later joined the Geo Genesis Group as the CEO and executive director. The company, now known as Geo Global Group Limited, provides advisory services to companies involved with emerging markets in BRICS countries. In his leadership role with the firm, Mr. Bendelac oversees a global network of consultants and strategic advisers offering services such as corporate restructuring plans, capital market access, and investment strategy.

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