Roger Lallemand

New Jersey Physician with a Business Background

About Roger Lallemand

Since 2001, Dr. Roger Lallemand has acted as medical director of the HMG Medical Group, LLC, a private practice with three locations in New Jersey. After earning an MD from the Duke University School of Medicine, Dr. Lallemand trained as an orthopedic resident at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey, a level-1 trauma center. After earning an MBA from Columbia University, Dr. Roger Lallemand Jr. got additional experience as an intern at Radius Ventures, LLC, where he combined his medical background and his business expertise by reviewing business plans and conducting due diligence for proposed investments in medical centers. He also served as an associate with HealthPoint Partners, a private equity firm in the orthopedics and medical devices industry that managed $200 million in investments.

In addition to his work at HMG Medical Group, Dr. Roger Lallemand is a medical correspondent with The Regional News Network. He also speaks on behalf of major pharmaceutical companies, including Abbott Labs and Solvay. In his free time, the doctor enjoys listening to opera, golfing, and supporting his favorite sports teams.

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