Roland Luce - Winter Park

Roland Luce - Things to do in Denver

Roland Luce is a lifelong native of Golden, Colorado, which was recently connected to the Denver Metro Area via a new metro line that runs directly into the city. This gives him many more options when showing around visiting family and friends, as there are plenty of things to do in Denver. Some of these things are described and shared below.

Denver residents are blessed with a wide variety of professional sports teams, with the most major ones all having stadiums conveniently located in downtown. The Colorado Avalanche have the Pepsi Center; the Denver Broncos have Sports Authority Field at Mile High; and the Colorado Rockies have Coors Field, all within a short bike ride from each other.

Denver is a place where beer lovers unite. With over twenty five active breweries within Denver city limits, the amounts and varieties brew enthusiast can indulge in are ample. Denver has also been host to The Great American Beer Festival for several years, where beer loves from all over the country come every year to sample the best that hundreds of breweries across the nation have to offer.

Because Denver residents are outdoors enthusiasts, there are a number of open-space parks in Denver for people to play pickup games of soccer, volleyball or Frisbee; or just to relax in the sun and have a bbq with friends.

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Roland Luce: Steamboat

Of all the places that Roland Luce goes snowboarding in Colorado, he has repeatedly found Steamboat to be his absolute most favorite. Steamboat is a magical place that is best known for its champagne powder that is some of the lightest in the area. Steamboat is known for many things though that heightens its appeal even past the outstanding snowboarding out there.

Steamboat is right in the town of Steamboat Springs, which is known for its thermal hot springs that visitors can bathe in year round, indoors or outdoors. There are the indoor springs downtown, which are within walking distance from the hotels and restaurants; our you can make the drive deep into the woods to find Strawberry Hot Springs, an outdoor thermal springs area that is open year-round and attracts visitors from all over the world. Strawberry Hot Springs is one of the most pristine locations in the Rocky Mountains, with nearby cabins that can be rented for a romantic night’s stay on the property.

After a long night of soaking and relaxing, there is the fun and exciting terrain of Steamboat a short drive away; and it is the prime spot for people to have a fun day in outstanding powder and amazing conditions.

Roland Luce knows Colorado mountains as good as anyone else. Having grown up in Golden, right in the foothills and being close to the mountains his whole life, the day he discovered snowboarding was also the day he found a vessel on which he could explore the many mountain resorts of the area. One of his most favorites, however, is Winter Park. Winter Park is only about a thirty minute drive from Golden; and it is one of the premier resorts in all of Colorado. It has a number of different territories, each matched with their own unique name and emblem that helps visitors get an idea of what they may be in for when entering that zone.

Of all the many territories of Winter Park, Mary Jane is, by far, Roland Luce’s most favorite of them all. Mary Jane is an area of complex terrain and is also known to be training grounds for Olympian skiers and slalom snowboarders who want to practice maneuvering around a variety of terrain while traveling at high speeds. There is also the Cirque area, which is a gigantic bowl accessible via a 30-minute hike or you can sign up to be on their cat program, which only takes a limited amount of reservations each year.

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